How does NFC work?


Near Field Communication or NFC allows short-range communication between devices. Different devices that use the NFC standard will be considered active or passive. Active devices can send and receive information as well as communicate with one another. It can also communicate with passive devices. Some of the most common types of active NFC devices are …

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What is Cryptocurrency?


A cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that can be used to exchange services and goods through electronic transactions without the presence of an intermediary. It is a decentralized form of currency, meaning it is not controlled by any financial institution, government or bank. Your privacy is also maintained when making transactions. The coins are stored …

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How does Amazon Echo work?

Echo Dot 2nd Generation

Alexa is a digital assistant that you can command to control the gadgets in your home or answer your questions. It will talk to the gadgets in your home to do what you want or gather the data you need. The smart devices in your home should be Alexa compatible. Look for a “Works with …

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How does Bluetooth work?


Bluetooth connects portable equipment such as mobile phones. Low-cost transceivers are embedded in the devices. Up to 8 devices can be connected at the same time, and each device provides a unique 48-bit address. The piconet or Bluetooth network is composed of a personal area network that contains 2 to 8 Bluetooth peer devices. There’s …

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How Does GPS Work?


GPS or Global Positioning System consists of approximately 30 satellites orbiting our planet at an elevation of 20,000 kilometers. The network of satellites was initially developed for military use, but anyone who owns GPS devices can now get the radio signal broadcasted by the satellites. Each GPS signal transmits data about the present time and …

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How Does the Internet Work?


The internet has two main components – the hardware and the protocols. The hardware includes cables that carry data, radios, routers, satellites, servers, Smartphones, mobile phone towers, and other devices. These devices together form a network of networks. The internet is a flexible system. Although elements leave and join networks around the world, the internet …

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How Does Wi-Fi Work?


WiFi allows gadgets to communicate without wirelessly. The wireless networking protocol is a trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance and uses radio waves. What happens is that the wireless adapter of the computer translates data into a radio signal and delivers it to a wireless router using an antenna. The wireless router decodes the signal and sends …

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