Skype vs. Zoom: Which Is Better for Video Chat?

Zoom vs. Skype

COVID-19 had forced us all to sit back at our homes and work. It has, however, become a thing now. More and more companies are allowing their employees to work remotely whenever they want. Nevertheless, to make the remote functioning of any company successful, the employees must connect efficiently. There are dozens of video conferencing …

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qBittorrent vs. Deluge: Which Is Better for You?

Illustration of qBittorrent vs. Deluge

Choosing a torrent client is not the easiest thing to do since you have to consider many factors. With tons of options available, it can become overwhelming too. While each choice comes with its advantages and drawbacks, qBittorrent and Deluge have surprisingly more perks. Now, which one is better among the two? Testing these two …

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Teamspeak vs. Discord: Which Is the Best?

Illustration of TeamSpeak vs. Discord

For the past year, we all have faced difficulty communicating, which was when different communication software popped up. However, the most popular ones remained the same- Discord and TeamSpeak. Discord and TeamSpeak are two very famous software apps used by gamers and anyone who want to connect with others via the internet. The main reason …

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Best Free Media Player 2019

Media Player

Every Smartphone, laptop or computer user needs a great media player. While these devices already come with a media player that does an okay job, it doesn’t mean you can’t find a better one. It could be you are looking for a media player with a simple program, the kind that can do the job …

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