Samsung HW-Q60T Review

Black Samsung HW-Q60T on white table

Imagine you’ve gotten a new TV for your room or lounge, and you’re getting ready to watch a movie, and you’re ready with popcorn and chips. And as soon as you hit play, you’re met with mediocre audio, cheap bass, and an underwhelming audio experience. That isn’t good. And this problem occurs with almost every …

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Onkyo TX-SR393 Review

Black Onkyo TX-SR393 on wooden table

No home entertainment system is complete without an amplifier since most televisions don’t quite catch the audio quality as the content intends to. The movie or show you’re watching might have the best audio directors, but the immersion they intend for you starts withering as the in-built sound of the TV starts withering. That’s where …

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Denon AVR-S540BT Review

Black Denon AVR-S540BT on carpet

These days, getting an AVR receiver is almost a no-brainer since most TVs focus on providing clearer resolution and better fidelity but don’t focus that much on sound. What you usually get in even the best TVs is weak bass and audio quality that isn’t exceptional. An AV receiver enhances the sound for your speakers …

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Samsung T5 vs. T7 vs. T7 Touch

Blue Samsung T5 on Macbook

When it comes to portable SSDs, there are many features that you have to look for. You need to figure out the read and write speeds of the drive, whether it has Gen 3 or higher capability, and whether it can hold large amounts of data. For all the content creators, gamers, and tech enthusiasts …

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