Web Server vs. Application Server

Close-up of server

The computer programs and information that are stored in a network are then stored in a repository known as a server. Programmers can access the repository at any time. Two types of servers are commonly used to create websites: a web server and an application server. The former is responsible for handling the operations related …

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The Best Monitors for Dual Screen Gaming

Illustration of multiple monitors

Over the last couple of years, gaming has become one of the most popular mediums of entertainment in the entire world. Billions of people play video games around the world, and they aren’t just playing Call of Duty or hardcore RPGs. They’re playing farming simulations, they’re playing horror games, and so many different types of …

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Are Foldable Phones Worth It?

Black samsung foldable phone on hand

There is no question that Samsung single-handedly revived foldable phones with its “Z fold” lineup in 2019- A trend that had pretty much died back in 2007 with Apple’s release of an all-touchscreen. And while skeptics thought Samsung’s fold series would crash and burn, the sales figures and the seemingly undying buzz about Samsung’s fold …

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Coding vs. Scripting: What’s the Difference?

Coding on Laptop

If you’re trying to learn coding on your own, you might’ve come across a lot of material on the internet that uses the terminologies “coding” and “scripting” interchangeably. And since you never had anyone to guide you through this jargon, you might’ve thought these two terminologies refer to the same thing. Well… They don’t! Coding …

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DNS Resolver to Block Porn

Website showing on iPad

The Internet is so vast that it can easily affect the minds of young people if parents do not take the necessary steps to prevent their kids from accessing bad websites. Unlike previous generations, kids don’t have to hide their porn magazines under their beds to access these sites. They just need a device with …

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What Is GPS Tracking and How Does It Work?

Maps on Macbook Pro

Today GPS technology has become an integral part of everyday life and is ubiquitously common in our cars, mobiles, and even watches. Every day most of us rely on the convenience it provides without even knowing what it is and how it works. In this article, we will look at what GPS tracking is, how …

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Packet Loss vs. Ping: What’s the Difference?

Person streaming on laptop

If you’re new to computers or gaming on computers, the terms ping and packet loss can seem interchangeable. While the reasons why both happen might be similar, they both are two different things and are individually frustrating on their own. In this article, we will explore what these terms refer to, what causes them, and …

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Mobile Gaming vs. PC Gaming

Person playing PUBG on smartphone

As a result of the industry’s quick expansion, video games have become one of the most popular types of entertainment worldwide. These days, players can play on various platforms, including mobile devices, gaming consoles, and personal computers. Each of these platforms is very well-liked among gamers, and players now have access to a diverse selection …

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Broadband vs. WiFi: Explained

Wifi icon on iPhone

Wireless fidelity, or Wi-Fi, is high-speed wireless internet transmitted over radio waves. The setting up of Wi-Fi requires a LAN cable directed to a router with antennas. An internet service provider supplies broadband through the LAN cable, which is then dispersed by the router through antennas to provide a wireless internet connection. Multiple devices can …

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Can Omegle Track You?

Woman video call on microsoft surface

Omegle is an online social platform where you can meet strangers worldwide and have a voice chat or video chat with them. The reason why the platform is so famous is that it does not require you to make a profile or even come up with an alias, you need to click on the “Start …

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Forward Proxy vs. Reverse Proxy: What’s the Difference?

Close up of server rack

A proxy can be thought of as an intermediary. The main purpose of a proxy service is to act on behalf of another computer or machine. Generally, when talking about proxies, we usually mean forward proxies instead of reverse proxies. In this article, we will look at both kinds to know the role they play …

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Can Website Owners See Who Visits?

Google on browser

With technology becoming more and more complex each day, it has become hard for users to keep track of all of the different ways their data could be tracked, and it has become even harder for them to stay updated on the best ways to stop this data/privacy from being breached. Think about it. How …

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