Powerline Adapters vs. Ethernet: Choosing the Right Path

Powerline adapter plugged in

The digital age has seen an explosive growth in the need for fast, reliable network connections. Whether it’s for online gaming, streaming high-definition video, or simply browsing the internet, a stable connection is essential to fully enjoy these experiences. Two prominent solutions exist to enhance our network connectivity: powerline adapters and Ethernet cables. Both powerline …

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Hard vs. Soft Mouse Pads: Which to Choose?

Person using mouse on mouse pad

Mouse pads, those humble companions to our computer mice, often go unnoticed. Yet, they play a vital role in ensuring a smooth and comfortable computing experience, whether you’re a dedicated gamer, a graphic designer, or simply a work-from-home professional. These nifty tools come in an array of shapes, sizes, designs, and most importantly, materials. Predominantly, …

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The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Headphone Pads

Person cleaning headphones

Headphone pads are often overlooked in the realm of personal tech hygiene. Yet, their cleanliness is of paramount importance for both sound quality and user comfort. Over time, these pads can accumulate sweat, skin oils, and dirt, which can not only affect your listening experience but also harbor germs that could lead to skin irritations.  …

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Green Dots on Your Screen: Troubleshoot and Fix

Monitor turned on 1

Understanding your computer monitor isn’t just about appreciating the vibrant colors and crisp images it can produce. It’s also about troubleshooting when things go awry, like when perplexing green dots start to appear on your screen. Green dots or any other unanticipated behavior on a monitor can disrupt your daily digital activities, whether that’s work, …

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How to Clean a Greasy Keyboard

Close up of mechanical keyboard 1

Keyboard hygiene is often overlooked, despite it being a critical component of our daily computer usage. Grease accumulation is a common issue, with keyboards sometimes serving as a reservoir for leftover food particles, oils from our fingers, and other unwelcome substances. This build-up not only affects the keyboard’s aesthetic appearance, but can also interfere with …

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When Should You Upgrade Your CPU? A Detailed Roadmap

Intel CPU on hand 1

Central Processing Units (CPUs) are often likened to the brain of a computer. As the primary component responsible for executing programming instructions and managing the operations of most hardware and software in a computer system, they play an integral part in determining the device’s overall performance. Just as the latest tech gadgets outshine their predecessors, …

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USB 3.1 Gen 1 vs. Gen 2: Making Sense of USB Standards

Close up of USB

Understanding the world of Universal Serial Bus (USB) standards can be an intimidating task. As technology advances, these standards continually evolve, leading to an array of terms and specifications that can confuse even tech-savvy individuals. This blog post aims to demystify one such area of confusion – USB 3.1 Gen 1 and Gen 2. USB …

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Storage Wars: M.2 SATA vs. M.2 PCIe SSDs Unveiled

M2 SSD on motherboard

Solid State Drives (SSDs) have revolutionized the world of data storage with their impressive speed, compact size, and resilience. A particular type of SSD, known as the M.2 SSD, has been steadily gaining popularity among tech enthusiasts and professionals alike due to its exceptional performance and form factor. M.2 SSDs come in two key variants: …

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Does Motherboard Matter for Gaming? A Closer Look

Black motherboard on white surface

When it comes to assembling a gaming PC, the choices we make significantly influence the kind of gaming experience we have. Often, the conversation around building a gaming rig centers on the importance of a high-performance GPU or a multi-core CPU, while the role of the motherboard tends to be overlooked. However, dismissing the motherboard …

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SATA 2 vs. SATA 3: Which Is Better for You?

Close up of SATA port

Serial ATA, commonly referred to as SATA, is a critical component that influences the speed and efficiency of our computing devices. It is the interface that connects the host bus to the mass storage devices such as hard drives, solid-state drives, and optical drives in a computer system. This connection makes possible the transfer of …

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E-ATX vs. ATX Motherboards: Selecting the Perfect Fit

Close up of motherboard

Motherboards: the heart and soul of any computing device. They’re a central hub, connecting all the different parts of a computer into one functional unit. Among the myriad of considerations while building or upgrading a computer, the motherboard form factor often takes precedence. It determines the size of the case you’ll need, the number of …

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How Often Should You Replace Your Laptop? Breaking It Down

Woman using laptop 1

The rapid pace of technological advancement has made laptops an integral part of our personal and professional lives. As these portable powerhouses become more sophisticated, they’re expected to handle everything from basic tasks such as web browsing and document editing to more demanding ones like high-end gaming and graphic design. This increasing reliance brings us …

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