Sonos Move Review

Black Sonos Move on blurry background

You can now get home system-like sound even outside the house, with the all-new portable Sonos Move, the truly-wireless, rechargeable battery-powered, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled smart speaker. The setup only takes a few minutes with its step-by-step user guide. It can easily be controlled with the Sonos app, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, and your voice. It …

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Samsung HW-T550 Review

Black Samsung HW-T550 on cream background

A fully-equipped television without a soundbar to match is like getting great visuals with mediocre audio. This Samsung Samsung Soundbar can add life to a television set with in-built speakers that may be sub-standard. With the Samsung HW-T550 2.1ch Soundbar, you will have excellent connectivity options. From loud shrieks to silent whispers, you can hear …

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Canon Pixma TS6320 Review

White Canon Pixma TS6320 on white table

If a dependable, intuitive printer that delivers excellent output is what you’re looking for, the Canon Pixma TS6320 is your answer. It is a well-designed printer with a compact structure, making it suitable for your home or personal office. With several handy features, this wireless printer could be the right choice if you are working …

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Elgato HD60 S+ Review

Black Elgato HD60 S+in between PS4 and PS4 controller

With the onset of virtually a gaming revolution, anyone can share their experiences with an audience. Popular platforms that enable the live-streaming of gaming sessions, such as Twitch, catalyze this. Elgato has an admirable range of video capture cards that strive to deliver optimum quality and accessibility in this field. If you are a new …

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Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Review

Black Polk Audio MagniFi Mini on black table

The Polk Audio MagniFi Mini shows that a tiny soundbar can produce big sounds. This affordable soundbar is compact and can fit in a small space easily. Gone are the days where you would need a huge soundbar to produce good quality sound. With the Polk Audio MagniFi Mini, you can do much more than …

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TP-Link Deco X20 Mesh WiFi Review

Two white Deco X20 on wooden surface

Technology has revolutionized the way WiFi connection used to work. Gone are the days of those bulky-looking routers taking a significant amount of space on yourself. With everything being reduced to smaller sizes, a compact router is yet another great advancement. The Deco X20 is one such WiFi system. The model comes with a Mesh …

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Sonos Sub (Gen 3) Review: Pure Bass Subwoofer

Black Sonos Sub Gen 3 in between green plant and green bed

A good subwoofer makes the perfect home theatre. Subwoofers are better than those heavyweight loudspeakers that you cannot carry easily. They complete your audio system by providing lower frequencies that come from instruments or sound effects in movies. Speaking of subwoofers, Sonos Subwoofer (Gen 3) is the latest one available in the market. Sonos released …

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ProtonMail vs. Gmail – Privacy or Features?

Illustration of ProtonMail vs. Gmail

Have you ever thought of another email service provider other than Gmail? Most people will surely say a no to this question. It is because of the thinking that mail and Gmail are the same things, and Gmail is the only mode to deliver emails. Due to this reason, big organizations make use of Gmail …

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DJI OM 4 Review

White DJI OM 4 on wooden table

A good foldable smartphone stabilizer is essential for capturing extraordinary moments of life. It ensures to record every moment in the form of a smooth video. Different types of handheld smartphone stabilizers are available in the market. All of them are great in some of the aspects, but a perfect product is one that can …

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SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Review

Black SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless on wooden headphone stand

What sets apart the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless besides their $330 price are versatile features that will surprise you. Gaming headsets are unlike your regular headsets and offer an opportunity to gain a substantial competitive edge during gameplay. The primary aspect that any gamer seeks from one is outstanding sound quality. Sound quality does not …

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SteelSeries Apex Pro Review

Black SteelSeries Apex Pro on black surface

A good gaming keyboard can enhance your gaming experience. It can not only make a difference in your gaming performance but also enrich your daily productivity. Many gaming keyboards are available in the market. The SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is one outstanding option. It is a versatile variant among gaming keyboards with its …

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