How Do Twitch Streamers Make Money?

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If you are one of the millions that enjoy watching people play video games on the internet, then chances are you have heard of Twitch. It is a live-streaming website where streamer can share their talents with other players around the world. This article will be discussing how twitch streamers make money and how they can use this income to support themselves or even become full-time professional video game players!

What Is Twitch?

Twitch is a website where people can stream themselves playing games, and others can watch them. It has become very popular with gamers as the site makes it easy to share gameplay videos and interact with other gamers worldwide through live chat.

How Twitch Streamers Make Money?

Many people wonder how Twitch streamers make money. Do they really get paid to play games? Well, it is a little more complicated than that, and streamers do not necessarily get paid for playing video games all day long. However, some methods can help them earn money through their gaming activities on the site.


Some Twitch streamers allow their audience to make donations. The more popular the streamer is, the larger amount of money they can get in donations. Some people give one-time donations, while others become regular monthly donors.

Donations are not only restricted to cash but also many Twitch streamers will accept game keys and other goodies as forms of donation from their viewers.

Some streamers even have a donation goal in mind, which they want to achieve through donations, and when they reach that goal, it will be announced on their stream.

Donations are a great way for streamers on the site to gain some extra income as this enables them to play more games or purchase new content without having to worry about making money themselves.

Another benefit of receiving donations is that Twitch does not charge its streamers any fees for receiving donations.

Donation boxes are the most common way to accept payment on Twitch, and many streamers put them up in their live streams to encourage fans to donate while watching the game being played.


Twitch introduced a new system called “Bits” that can be used by streamers to raise money. Bits are like digital “Super Chat” messages, but they can be bought by the viewer and used to cheer on their favorite streamer.

Viewers who use bits will have their names displayed as animated emoticons that stand out from the other chat messages.

When purchasing bits, you get a certain number of them depending on how much money you are willing to spend.

You can buy bits in lots of 100, which cost around $0.014 each. This means that if you want to purchase 500 bits for your favorite streamer, it will cost you about $7.

When many people use Bits together on an individual streamer, their messages will become more noticeable as all these little animated emoticons flash across the screen.


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The option for a person to subscribe to a Twitch streamer is another way that people can support their favorite streamers.

When you subscribe, you can gain access to some special features, such as a custom chat badge and Ad-Free Viewing.

Subscriptions cost $5/month and range from one month up to six months at a time. The longer you subscribe for, the more discount you get on the price.


Many Twitch streamers will also have ads on when they stream, which can again help them gain an income from their streaming activities online. These advertisements can include pre-rolls before the video starts or in between gaming sessions. When this happens, it can be annoying for viewers because they will want to watch continuous gameplay without interruption from advertisements.

The revenue generated from ads will vary depending on how many people are watching and what kind of advertiser is sponsoring at that time.


Some streamers can also be sponsored by companies. This means that they will receive money, free game content, or merchandise in return for promoting the company’s name on their live streams.

Sponsorships are often done through agreements between the gaming organization and the sponsor, which is why many professional gamers have strict contracts about what they can say or show on their streams.


Another way that Twitch streamers can make money is through selling merchandise. Some people will create t-shirts, mousepads, posters, and other objects with their logo or channel name on them for fans to purchase online.

These items are usually sold at a fixed price, so it does not take any extra work from the seller after they have been produced.

One of the benefits of selling merchandise is that it can be a recurring revenue source if fans keep buying from streamer every time a new product comes out. This means more money in the streamer pocket without having to put any extra work into it after creating each item for sale!

Affiliate Marketing

Another way that Twitch streamers can make money is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing works by allowing a sponsor to place a link or digital code on the Twitch channel, which gives them credit every time someone makes a purchase after clicking it from the live stream. When this happens, the seller will give the streamer an agreed-upon percentage of revenue from each sale made using their referral link.

There are many companies that have affiliate programs, such as Amazon, which allow people with Twitch channels to make money from their viewers.

Affiliate links often have a cookie duration which means streamers will get credit for any sale made within a set period of time, even if someone who clicked the link did not buy immediately.

For example, if someone clicked on an affiliate link and then bought the same item one week later, the streamer would still get credit for that sale.

This is one of the most popular ways that people can use affiliate marketing to generate additional income on top of what they are already making through regular streaming activities.

Tournament Winnings

Another way that Twitch streamers can make money from their streaming is through winning tournaments. Many of the most successful streamers have been able to win hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars, in prize money for coming out on top during competitive gaming events.


Now you know how Twitch streamers make money from their streaming activities online. Each of these methods can help them make money from their audience without forcing them to play games all day.

However, the most important thing to remember is that these Twitch streamers are passionate about what they do and often love interacting with their fans online in a live setting. This means it’s not just about making money for them; instead, many of these streamers enjoy streaming as part of their daily lives.

This means that you will find everything from professional gamers to people who enjoy casual play streaming on this platform for hours at a time every day!