How to Hide Your IP Address

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IP Address

Do you want to be safe and anonymous on the internet? That’s easy, and one of the effective ways to do it is to hide your IP address.

What’s an IP address and why do you need to hide it?

You see, the internet is a huge group of interconnected networks that need a system so that it can connect between networks. The IP or the Internet Protocol is required so that the internet can make the connection.

An IP address acts as a system identifier of every system that’s connected to the internet. Each system has its unique address that’s like your home’s address or your car’s license plate. It means that your desktop, laptop and phone have its unique IP address.

So, you expect that each internet participant needs to have an IP address so that it can make a connection to cyberspace.

An IP address is a sensitive information that points out to your location. By looking at your IP address, someone can locate your location. If you want to be safe while browsing the net, it’s best that you hide your IP address.

How will you do it?

It’s simple. The following are excellent ways for you to hide your IP address:

Go for A VPN Software

Do you know how to spoof your IP address so that your real IP address would be hidden? Well, you can get VPN software that lets you gain the following:

  • Encrypts internet traffic
  • Allows users to torrent safely
  • Hides any IP address
  • Enables you to access geo-blocked sites

You can observe that the Virtual Private Network offers similar benefits as to changing your IP address. That’s not a surprise! Why? VPN’s give a new IP address to systems connected to the network. Thus, the second IP address you would have hidden your real address.

But, how does VPN change your IP address?

Once the user is connected to a VPN, the VPN software provider assigns you an IP address. Your real IP address would still be connected to your VPN, but your traffic would go through to the private network. Also, the external traffic would only connect to your second IP address. Hence, you’re safe from persons who might track your location or activities on the net.

Use “The Onion Router”

Are you familiar with “The Onion Router”? Then, you probably know what TOR or The Onion Router do to hide your IP address. You can use TOR for free that connects you to operated network servers. You would be assigned with a new IP address that’s similar to your VPN client.

As an additional benefit, you can access websites that are accessible to normal browsers. These websites have different domain names and are often generated randomly.

Despite its anonymity and accessibility, you have to be careful in using the TOR. The router has become the hub of criminal activity that might link you to users who do illegal transactions on the net. Also, TOR has a slow loading time that could be a hassle on your part if you’re surfing the internet.

Connect to a Public WI-FI

I guess some of you have connected to the free WI-FI of a restaurant or a coffee shop. Since an IP address doesn’t go with you, connecting to a public WI-FI is an excellent way to hide your IP address. Like using mobile data, it’s neither an excellent IP change method.

But, you have to take note that there are risks when you connect to a public WI-FI network. One problem individuals you might face is that the virus might damage your phone or laptop. It’s due to the unsecured connection you have in using public WI-FI.

Use Your Mobile Network

Well, most of you might be using your cell phone’s data when you’re connecting to the internet. Guess what? It’s a good way for you to hide your IP address. If you feel your IP address is compromised, it’s best to change your IP address at once.

You can use your phone’s data to surf the net and hide your IP address. Since it has a different system, you’re sure that cellular network can provide you with a different IP address.

But, you should remember that cellular data isn’t a substitute for a PC or workstation. It might help you in some emergencies but not that effective as you think.

Use Proxy Servers

Have you experienced annoyance for not passing geo-blocked websites? You might want to use a proxy as it lets you pass geo-blocked sites and of course – hides your IP address. Proxy servers are reliable tools that act as a connection to the flow of internet traffic.

These proxy servers connect a user’s information packets to its desired destination as they change their appearance through the Proxy.

You put it this way: the proxy server intercepts your traffic, and it takes charge of your connection. From here, you can expect that the proxy would mimic the things you do. Then, the destination servers or the websites you would visit would think that the proxy servers are your traffic.

One great benefit of proxy servers is that it lets you connect with other proxy servers in different parts of the world. Let’s say you want to access a site, but it has IP restrictions. You use the proxy servers, and your problem is solved.

Call Your Internet Service Provider

If you still need help from the pros, it’s wise to call your internet service providers. They’re willing to change your IP address for you by assigning you a new IP address. Your internet provider can provide two kinds of IP addresses – the static and dynamic. Most internet service providers would give you dynamic IP’s. If you want the static IP’s, that’s a lengthy process, so you go for dynamic IP addresses instead.

Your IP address is essential for your security, so you need to hide it from hackers and other cyber threats. It’s wise that you follow the ways mentioned above to hide your IP address so that you can enjoy safe and secure internet browsing all the time.