How to Type Faster: Tips and Trick

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Typing on Laptop
We are living in an age where everything has been digitized. Even in fields such as fashion design and art, computers now play a big role, and for computers, the keyboard is the primary method of input. This means to maximize the efficiency of computer usage, excellent typing speed, and technique are very important.

Typing is the key to efficiency

This is the digital age where everything is done via computers. And for computers, the primary method of input is using the keyboard. Living in this day and age, typing has become part and parcel of life. It is like a daily routine. Therefore, learning and knowing the proper way to type and learning the right way to use a keyboard is very crucial.

Not only does this make an individual more productive, but things are also completed quicker using a keyboard. It has been proven by research that when you type, the little voice in the brain that has ideas and thoughts does not lag behind and is not forgotten while you type, as opposed to writing them down with paper and pen. Therefore, it is essential that a high level of keyboard expertise has to be achieved for quick and efficient work.

Why should you learn to type well?

There are many reasons why you may not be typing as fast as you should be. One of them may be a lack of attention, or maybe a lack of practice. Whatever the case may be, it is imperative that you get rid of these blockers and start on learning to type better. In this article, you can see several tips for the improvement of your typing, as well as the speed of using the keyboard.

Tips and tricks for typing efficiently

There are several ways that can be used to improve the way you type, as well as the writing speed. It’s not an extremely long or arduous process, as many make it out to be. With the right tips and tricks, you can master typing techniques in no time.

1. Leave the bad habits

Many people develop a number of bad habits and letting them go probably one of the hardest things to do. This is because you have been using the same typing method the entire time so far, since the time you started using a keyboard. This ranges from where you place your wrist to how you place your palm on the palm rest.

For instance, if you have been playing first-person shooter video games, then you probably place your left hand on the WASD area and the right on the number pad. This means that the fingers on your left hand will be stronger than the ones on the right hand.

2. Stop using two fingers to type

This is one of the biggest mistakes that anyone can make, which is using two fingers to hover over more than ten keys or so to press the required one. Although this method gives off the impression of fast typing but using only half your finger strength isn’t a good idea, and finger strength is much needed in longer typing tasks. Therefore, it is important to break this habit.

3. Use all the fingers to type

Again, this is a huge mistake most regular keyboard users make. It is imperative to relearn the correct finger placement on the keyboard to ensure maximum speed across with maximum comfort. If you look closely, there are raised bumps on the number 5, letter F, and letter J. This is to help you with correct finger placement, with the proper distance between fingers.

You can type faster, with more comfort and without having to look at a keyboard again and again. Most ideally, the index finger should be kept on the F, and the one on the right hand on J, this way, all the fingers fall into place naturally, ensuring maximum accuracy, speed, and efficiency.

The areas with F and J in line are called coded areas. These are the areas where your index finger should fall. The middle fingers, as well as the ring fingers, will be used on very little areas and few keys on the keyboard. This leaves your little finger to navigate between movement, punctuation as well as function keys.

4. Learn the basic navigation keyboard shortcuts

Most operating systems are full of keyboard shortcuts. You know why? This is because since both hands are already resting on the keyboard, why should you tire out your hands even more, and remove the ideal typing position the mouse? It’s not necessary to remember every shortcut. However, common ones must be known. It may seem very stressful to have to remember all the keyboard shortcuts, but it actually isn’t.

Help from Apps and Games for good typing

Keyboard Finger Placement should be learned

If the above is sounding confusing to you, then you could visit online typing websites such as Typing Club, where you will be walked through each step, and you become familiar with the proper layout of the keyboard. As you progress through the lessons, you will find yourself typing faster and more accurately.

Learning Touch Type method

This is the basic skill of any typist, which is not having to look at the keyboard while typing. With time and practice, you will feel that pausing to look at your keyboard actually slows you down. Obviously, this comes with a lot of practice, and these practices mean several months or a year or more to get there. It will be quite a while before your fingers are placed on the keys where they are supposed to.

The trick here is to look at a keyboard before beginning, and then trying to type without glancing at the keyboard and relying on memory and feel alone where each letter is positioned. Initially, it will seem cumbersome and difficult, but in all honesty, the fastest typists are those who do not have to look at the keyboard while typing. With daily practice, you will eventually learn where each key is, and your fingers will develop an intuition likewise, and you will be able to pick up your game in terms of speed.


There are many typing games and typing apps that will help you make it quick and fun. They have a lesson to lesson system where you learn step by step. Typing fast and accurately may initially seem like a huge task, and even come off as very tough. But it is not.

With the right tips and right kind of practice, you can become a typing pro in no time. To be an efficient and quick person in current times, this is extremely important. Otherwise, no matter what field you are from, tasks will remain unfinished, and there will be a lot of disorganization.