Klipsch RF-82 II Floorstanding Speaker Review

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Side view of black Klipsch RF-82

Sometimes getting an amplifier of top quality and some top-notch home theatre system is not enough. You also have to get a speaker system of astonishing quality, which can provide you with the blast of some mind-blowing tunes. It should be able to cover up that sound signature that you’ve always craved. But it’s not that easy to find that type of sound signature between tons of speaker systems available in the market.

But we have eased this for you, and through much research and trials, we’ve found a speaker system that can open a new world of premium music quality to you with Klipsch RF-82 II that is a floor-standing speaker system.

Let’s take a look at the Klipsch RF-82 II speaker system and further see its extraordinary sound signature and performance to get you to enjoy a more realistic experience.

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Engineered Design

Black Klipsch RF-82 II close-up

Klipsch is a company that never tends to be stagnant. Unlike any other company, Klipsch focuses not only on being a goal-oriented company. They always try to improve their products and modify them to meet customer’s needs. They re-engineered their products to provide a more open sound signature and updated their drivers to let their listeners enjoy a full-fledged music experience.

The build quality of their speakers feels far more premium, and just by a single touch, you can tell that is not made but crafted. They also carry the traditional classic look to give you more depth to your background.

The Klipsch RF-82 II resembles the outlook of the traditional floor-standing design for the speakers. The dimension of this speaker is 16.3 x 9.3 x 43.9 inches, and the rectangular horn is seamlessly covered with the grill. The grills of the speaker are presented as satin-smooth. It comes with the magnets that are used to attach and affix to the baffle holes of the speaker.

The best part of this speaker that you will find surprising is its build quality and outer appearance. The whole system looks very slim with perfect trims on the outside that feels very attractive to the eyes. The protrusion on the speaker system is less. The small rounded feet of this speaker seems more refined and stylish in its total appearance. The product finish is very stimulating, and the color looks classy on its premium build.

This speaker contains bass and mid drivers that are traditional and also has a titanium diaphragm tweeter of 1 inch. It can easily handle the extended frequency ranges from 1400 Hz to a higher 24000 Hz. It is also composed of anodized-aluminum coated Cera-Metallic woofers of 8-inch cones. The design of the tweeter is trickled down, which is inspired by the Palladium Flagship speaker by Klipsch.

The cones are copper in color to match the whole design of this speaker system. The build quality seems very durable, but it is light in weight to provide better portability. The dust caps are concave, and you will notice it only when you see it closely. The look is very clean and the whole body is perfectly crafted.

Amazing Performance

Side view of Klipsch RF-82 II

The quality of the sound dominates your hearing experience and enhances the sound signature. The bass is very robust and feels punchy.

The impedance that this speaker carry is 8 ohms and the sensitivity is at 98 dB that is quite easy but powerful to drive. The speakers are very efficient as the energy usage is quite low for this size of the speaker, and the output remains powerful without any discomfort. You can easily drive this speaker with almost any amplifier that makes it easy to handle.

When you connect this speaker to powerful amplifiers, then you will find some significant improvements within its dynamics. The controlling of this speaker is very smooth and delivers a more precise sound signature. This speaker has a deep soundstage and wide range for a premium horn-based build.

Extraordinary Features

This speaker is well-built and gives a more premium sound output from its chambers. The mix of both sound and bass is obvious and doesn’t feel separated. It is loaded with tons of features. Here are the features that make it stand out in the premium speaker segment:

  • It has a titanium diaphragm of 1 inch that is more improved from before and produces a much higher sound with precise detailing.
  • The linear traveling of the suspension provides good quality music with minimal distortion and produces natural and clear sound to give the details.
  • Klipsch dual cone woofers that are Cera-Metallic and 8 inches in diameter give the thump that everybody praises.
  • For reducing sound distortion, the company uses the Horn technology of Tractrix. It also improves durability while providing a crisp, natural sound.
  • It has 1400 Hz of crossover with a sensitivity level of 98db and impedance of 8 ohms to provide more thump with less power.
  • The sound transmission by this speaker is quite dynamic and very accurate to that of the original sound stage.
  • For providing an exceptional performance of bass rhythm, it has two elegant ports at the rear that fires the whole scenario.


The cost of this speaker for each is in the $400 range. The speaker is quite powerful for its price.

The improved design of the Reference II series always manages to impress the listeners. The premium quality in this price segment is quite tough to get, but this speaker does manage to give you a premium sound.

The cost is in a range where many people can get their hands on it without worrying about the quality of the speaker and its sound signature.

Setting Up the Speaker

Black Klipsch RF-82 II with tv on living room

The setup of this speaker is quite simple, and it is easy to get through the wiring systems. But you do have to attach some wires to the amplifier to make it work.

The connection of the speaker with the amplifier is made by attaching multiple binding ports that are given for bi-amping, and another one is for bi-wiring. There is also a feature of making single connections of wire by taking out the jumpers to use for connection that is also provided with this speaker by the company.

Klipsch suggests that the single wiring connection should be made by hooking the negative end of the speaker’s wire to the post of the lower speaker. Lastly, the positive end of the speaker wire should be connected to the post of the upper speaker with the jumper wires intact at their place.

This amount of work should be done carefully so that you don’t damage anything in the process. The wirings of this system are quite simple and don’t require any complexity in connection with the amplifiers.

Things to Consider Before Buying

The product is enough to speak for itself and doesn’t need any extra introductions due to the reputed name of the company. They build a beast of a speaker in its price range.

There are many things we like about this speaker, but it also has some cons that are better when known by the customer.

Pros and Cons


  • The sound coming from its chambers is on a par level in this price range. The balance of mid and highs with bass is quite exceptional. The sound signature it offers gives a complete listening experience.
  • The magnetic grills are well-built that deliver a great outlook of this speaker. The classic finish with a modern texture of this speaker shows the elegance of the company’s manufacturing unit.
  • The most exciting part with this speaker is that you get five years limited warranty. This much time is enough for any customer to get satisfied with the customer service of the company. The quality of customer service is similar to its outstanding products.


  • The speaker system has so many benefits, but despite being elegant, it is quite large and heavy that makes it tough to put in one place, and it is not that portable due to its weight.

Final Verdict

The amazing sound signature will blow you away. The sound feels so natural and real with the wide sound stage.

Klipsch doesn’t compromise in delivering the sound. If you pair it with various other amplifiers of the premium range, then you will find out that the sound is also improving with the amplifiers. This is quite an important thing to note for this speaker as it gets improved when it receives some quality attachments.

This speaker is best for those people who don’t want to spend a fortune on purchasing a speaker but want an amazing sound experience throughout the journey.

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