Logitech G Pro Wireless vs. Razer Viper Ultimate

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Logitech G Pro Wireless Vs. Razer Viper Ultimate

With increasing choices in the market, choosing one gaming mouse might be hard for you. Here we have compared two highly recommended gaming mice – Logitech G Pro Wireless and Razer Viper Ultimate.

Professional gamers suggest the brands, and we have reviewed them based on different aspects. Read on to find out more about these mice and settle the debate of Logitech G Pro Wireless Vs. Razer Viper Ultimate.

Where to Buy?

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About The Gaming Mouse

Both Logitech and Razer are well-known brands that offer premium quality gaming mice. If you are confused about which mouse to choose, we have it all sorted out for you.

Logitech G Pro Wireless

The Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse has taken the market by storm since its arrival. It features an intuitive and simplistic design that is suitable for both amateur and professional gamers.

You can use the mouse for office work as well. It is suitable for different hand grips and sizes, which makes it an extremely comfortable option.

The low click latency and ambidextrous design make it a highly recommended mouse. You can use the mouse both wired and wireless, though the wired usage can be slightly restricted.

Razer Viper Ultimate

The Razer Viper Ultimate is also a versatile mouse that you can use for gaming and office work. It also features a low latency in both wireless and wired modes. The ambidextrous design gives you two buttons on either side. There are numerous programmable options that you can customize suitably.

The mouse has a short structure which makes it suitable for all hand sizes and grips. Razer Viper Ultimate features a unique charging point in which you can use a receiver range extender.

Design, Features, and Build

Logitech G Pro Wireless Vs. Razer Viper Ultimate Close up


The Logitech G Pro Wireless has a very standard design and is made from matte plastic. There is RGB lighting present on the logo located on the mouse’s back. However, the look does not give you a feel of a gaming mouse but rather a regular-use mouse.

On the other hand, the Razer Viper Ultimate looks like a gaming mouse in every way. It has a very aggressive design and an RGB logo. The mouse features a low back along with an ambidextrous design.

The charging cable is also RGB, and you can play around with the logo and charging cable lights.


Both the mice are good for portability. Logitech is a moderate size mouse, and you can carry it in your laptop bag. The same goes for the Razer Viper Ultimate, which is also very portable. Since both have detachable wires, it is not problematic to carrying them in your bag.

The receiver slot under these mice makes it easy for you to store the cable. In terms of portability, both these mice are on the same level.

Build Quality

Logitech G Pro has an excellent build quality, and each of the components is made from high-quality plastic. Once you hold the mouse, you can feel the sturdiness of the mouse.  You will have no issues sliding the mouse.

The side buttons are also durable and do not rattle. You can change the side buttons to either the right or left side. It is also possible to have all four buttons at the same time.

Despite being an aggressive-looking mouse, the Razer Viper Ultimate is surprisingly lightweight. It is very sturdy and does not have any gaps or wobbles.

You might hear a light sound when you press the side buttons. However, this may not be the same for all models and can be restricted to some. Other than the occasional squeak, you will not face any issues with the side button quality.

Wireless Connectivity

Logitech G Pro Wireless

The wireless connectivity in both mice is decent and nothing extraordinary. Both of them have a USB receiver which you can connect the mouse to the desktop. You can also use the mice as a wired version since it comes with a detachable cable.

There is no Bluetooth connectivity option for both these mice.

The Logitech G Pro Wireless features an automatic off-timer. This shuts off your mouse after five minutes of inactivity so that battery life is saved.


The weight of a gaming mouse matters a lot and impacts performance. Professional gamers opt for a lightweight mouse that they can control easily. However, some even choose heavy mice, but the real difference lies in the DPI settings.

If the mouse is lightweight, then the DPI settings need to be lower. On the other hand, a higher DPI setting is required in the case of a heavyweight mouse. This is what determines the accuracy and control of the mouse.

The Razer Viper Ultimate is slightly lighter than the Logitech G Pro Wireless. However, both these mice are considered lightweight for a gaming mouse. The former weighs 74 g, while the latter weighs 80 g.


The positioning and clicks of the buttons are crucial for a mouse. In this, Logitech fares much better than the Razer Viper Ultimate. The primary clicks of the Logitech G Pro Wireless are amazing.

You might find the click noise for both Logitech and Razer to be a little loud. However, they will not disturb other people. In case you are in quiet surroundings, the noise can be an issue.

The side buttons of the Razer Viper Ultimate are slightly hard to press. This is because the Logitech buttons protrude from the side but not the Razer buttons. Moreover, Logitech side buttons are modular, and you can customize them if you wish.

When it comes to the scroll wheel, Razer’s is much easier to control. The Logitech scroll wheel may be heavier to click, which can tire you out. However, the Viper scroll wheel has tiny dimples, making the grip better and easier to click.


Razer Viper Ultimate

Battery Performance

You will find both the Logitech G Pro Wireless and Razer Viper Ultimate to be amazing in terms of battery life. The Logitech G Pro gives you about 48 hours with the RGB lighting and 60 hours without it. On the other hand, the Razer Viper Ultimate gives you about 70 hours of battery life.

You may find the Logitech G Pro giving you more runtime on a single charge. This is mainly due to the auto-off timer that is not present in the Razer Viper Ultimate.

When you are not using the G Pro, it goes into standby mode after five minutes.

Sensor Performance

Logitech and Razer use their own sensors, which is a great thing about these brands. Razer uses the Focus + sensor, whereas Logitech uses the HERO sensor.

You can use both these sensors for a long time without any issues. There is no noticeable difference between these sensors. Since the sensor performances are similar, this is not a good criterion to base your choice on.


You will need to consider the software of both these mice for many reasons. The software helps you configure the gaming mouse profiles, customize the buttons, customize the DPI, and set the RGB lighting.

The Razer Viper Ultimate uses the Razer Synapse 3 software. You can customize the different settings of this mouse very easily using the software.

The onboard memory has five profiles that you can configure. You can also use the Razer Synapse 3 software for configuring the eight customizable buttons.

On the other hand, the Logitech G Pro Wireless uses GHub software. This software is compatible with each of the G series mice. You can customize the software with five profiles present on the onboard memory.

Logitech G Pro Wireless – Pros and Cons


  • Provides 1ms wireless speed
  • Uses HERO 16K sensor
  • Lightweight at just 80g
  • Programmable modular buttons
  • Onboard memory
  • Mechanical Button Tensioning System


  • Pricey
  • Does not have an aesthetic feel

Razer Viper Ultimate – Pros and Cons


  • Ambidextrous design
  • Convenient wireless charging
  • RF wireless connectivity
  • Comfortable to use
  • Lightweight at 74 g
  • Amazing RGB dock


  • Expensive
  • Lacks wall adapter for the dock

Final Verdict

It is quite clear from the review that G Pro and Viper Ultimate are two of the most amazing gaming mice. The former features a very standard design, while the latter has a more aggressive design.

There are some slight differences between the two which can help you in your choice. If you are looking for a simpler gaming mouse that you can use for everyday purposes, the Logitech G Pro Wireless might be a better choice.

On the other hand, if you dedicatedly want a gaming mouse with convenient controls, the Razer Viper Ultimate is the better choice.

Overall, the choice comes down to your requirement and which mouse would be more suitable for you to use.

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