PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting: Regain Control Now

Black PS4 controller on table

Gaming on the PlayStation 4 (PS4) offers an immersive experience, captivating players worldwide with its top-notch graphics, vast game library, and sleek design. Yet, as with any piece of technology, occasional glitches can arise.

Among these, a disconnecting controller stands out as a particularly vexing issue, especially when you’re deep in the throes of a critical game moment. This blog dives deep into the reasons behind this disruption, offering both solutions and preventative measures.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the PS4 world, understanding and addressing this problem will undoubtedly enhance your gaming sessions.

Symptoms of a Disconnecting PS4 Controller

Gaming consoles, like any tech gadget, have their own set of quirks and issues that may arise over time. One of the most common issues PS4 users face is a disconnecting controller.

Recognizing the signs early on can help in swift troubleshooting and resolution. Below are some of the main symptoms you might encounter.

Unexpected Shutdowns During Gameplay

One of the first and most noticeable signs is when your controller unexpectedly shuts down in the middle of gameplay. This can be especially frustrating during intense gaming moments or multiplayer matches where every second counts.

Intermittent Loss of Response

At times, the controller may not completely disconnect, but you might notice a lag or delay in response. For instance, you press a button, and there’s a noticeable gap before the action is executed on screen.

Blinking Lights on the Controller

The light bar on the PS4 controller provides valuable feedback about its status. If it starts blinking without reason or if the color changes unexpectedly, it may indicate a connection problem.

Vibration Issues

The PS4 controller comes with a vibration feature to enhance gameplay experience. If you notice the vibration feature acting erratically or not working at all, it could be a sign of connectivity issues.

Audio Disturbances

For those who use the controller’s audio jack for headphones, disturbances in sound or complete loss of audio can be a symptom of the controller losing its connection with the PS4 console.

Difficulty in Syncing with the Console

If the controller struggles to establish an initial connection with the console or frequently drops its established connection, it’s a clear symptom of a potential issue. You might find yourself repeatedly trying to sync the controller, only to have it disconnect soon after.

Recognizing these symptoms is the first step toward identifying the root of the problem. In subsequent sections, we’ll explore the causes behind these symptoms and provide solutions to get you back to smooth gaming sessions.

Common Causes for the Disconnection

Every gamer values a seamless experience, and any interruption can be a source of frustration. When it comes to the PS4 controller, several reasons could cause it to disconnect.

Identifying the cause is crucial to finding the right solution. Here are some common culprits behind the disconnection issue.

Low Battery

It might sound obvious, but it’s often overlooked. If the controller’s battery is critically low or weak, it might lead to disconnections.

Ensure your controller is charged adequately before embarking on long gaming sessions.

Distance and Interference

Wireless controllers rely on a clear signal path to the console. Being too far away or having obstructions can weaken this signal, leading to connectivity issues.

Similarly, other nearby electronic devices or Wi-Fi networks can interfere with the controller’s connection to the console.

Faulty Hardware

Over time, wear and tear can impact any piece of equipment. Physical damages, such as a dropped controller, spilled liquids, or general wear, can lead to internal issues that affect connectivity.

Software Glitches

Sometimes, the problem isn’t physical but digital. Outdated firmware or software conflicts with certain games might cause the controller to disconnect.

It’s always a good idea to ensure that both the console and controller software are updated regularly.

Bluetooth Interference

The PS4 controller uses Bluetooth to connect to the console. Other devices in your home, like smartphones, tablets, or Bluetooth speakers, can sometimes interfere with this connection, causing unexpected disconnections.

Corrupted Data

On rare occasions, corrupted data on the PS4 might interfere with controller connectivity. This could be due to issues with specific games, saved data, or even the system’s software.

Understanding the potential causes can lead to quicker solutions, ensuring that your gaming experience remains uninterrupted and enjoyable.

Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Guide

Person holding black PS4 controller

Troubleshooting a disconnecting PS4 controller can seem daunting, especially when you’re eager to get back into your game. Fortunately, by following a systematic approach, many common issues can be resolved swiftly. Here’s a guide to help you get your controller back in action.

Battery Check

Begin with the basics. Ensure your controller’s battery is adequately charged. A weak battery can cause interruptions, so if you’re in doubt, plug it in for a bit before trying again.

Reset the Controller

The PS4 controller comes with a small reset button located at the back, typically near the L2 button. You can reset the controller by using a pin or small tool to press this button for a few seconds. After resetting, reconnect it to the console and check if the problem persists.

Reduce the Distance

Maintain a reasonable range between the controller and the console. Ensure no large obstructions, such as walls or furniture, are blocking the signal path.

Clear the Area

Electronic devices or other wireless equipment can interfere with your controller’s connection. Make sure to keep other electronics, especially those using Bluetooth, away from your gaming setup.

Check for Damage

Take a moment to inspect your controller. Look for signs of physical damage, like cracks, or any exposed wires. Damage could be a clear indicator of the source of the problem.

Update the Controller and Console Software

Software updates often come with fixes for known issues. Ensure both your PS4 console and controller are running the latest versions. To do this, go to the PS4 system settings and check for available updates.

Try Another Controller

If you have a spare controller, especially a high-quality one like a Scuf controller, try using it. Scuf controllers are renowned for their durability and performance.

By testing with such a controller, you can effectively gauge whether the disconnection issue is tied to a specific controller’s quality or the problem is rooted in the console itself. Remember, sometimes the solution is as simple as switching to a different or more reliable controller.

Re-pair the Controller

Sometimes, simply forgetting and then re-pairing the controller with the console can resolve connection problems. Head to the devices section in your PS4 settings to remove the current pairing and then reconnect.

Hard Resetting the PS4

If none of the above solutions work, consider doing a hard reset of your PS4. Ensure you’ve saved any game progress, turn off the console, unplug it for a couple of minutes, and then power it back on.

Advanced Solutions

There’s no need to despair for those who have traversed the basic troubleshooting routes without success. The realm of advanced solutions offers additional methods that might just resolve that persistent disconnection problem with your PS4 controller.

Let’s walk through these more in-depth measures to regain that seamless gaming experience.

Reinitialize the PS4

Reinitializing your PS4 can resolve deeper system issues. This process will restore the system to its default settings, potentially fixing any software anomalies affecting the controller.

Please note, reinitializing will delete all data on the system, so make sure to back up any essential game saves or data beforehand.

Inspect Bluetooth Modules

If you’re comfortable with hardware, you might consider checking the PS4’s internal Bluetooth module. It’s responsible for the wireless communication between your console and controller.

Any faults here could be the root cause of disconnections. If unsure about this step, it might be best to consult with a professional or skip to other solutions.

Switch to a Wired Connection

If all else fails, consider using your controller in a wired mode. By connecting it directly to the PS4 using its USB cable, you can bypass wireless connectivity issues altogether.

While this might not be ideal for everyone, it guarantees a stable connection.

Factory Reset

As a last resort, you can consider a complete factory reset of your PS4. This will return the console to its original settings, as it was when you first bought it.

Be aware that this will erase all your data, so a comprehensive backup is essential.


Overcoming challenges with a disconnecting PS4 controller requires a blend of basic troubleshooting and advanced solutions. From simple fixes like ensuring a charged battery to more intricate methods such as reinitializing the console, there’s a broad spectrum of steps to restore that seamless gaming experience.

If the problem persists, seeking professional assistance can be a wise choice. Armed with this comprehensive guide, players are well-equipped to address and resolve connectivity issues, ensuring uninterrupted and enjoyable gameplay sessions.