Teamspeak vs Discord – Which One Is the Best?

TeamSpeak vs Discord
In the recent past, communication has been made easy amongst the gamers. Now and then, apps of voice over internet protocol (VOIP) have been released. These apps target online players intending to make gaming life lively. Most of them are free to use and come with plenty of amazing features that you can hardly ignore. Today, the most used VOIPs are TeamSpeak and Discord. The TeamSpeak vs. Discord battle is one that can never seem to end. Here is the reason why.


TeamSpeak is one of the oldest VOIPs in the world of gamers. It was introduced back in 2002. The funny thing is that it never gets old. To date, players still love the application. If you’re a real gamer, you can tell that this app was what the gamers needed. When it comes to gaming, the size of the applications does matter a lot. A smaller app means that fewer resources will be used while running. Therefore, the app won’t affect the speed of your entire system. TeamSpeak is loved by many gamers for its small size. It’s smaller compared to Discord.

Another thing that you may love about TeamSpeak is its versatile features. Its layout, for example, is one of a kind. It contains much of what every gamer would want to access. Unfortunately, the design, especially, can see many users get confused for the first time. However, whenever you get used to the whole thing, it becomes more fun.

One thing that you will find tiring about the VOIP is joining the server. At Discord, one simply enters a server through an invite or creating an invite link. For TeamSpeak, things are different. You will be forced to copy the IP address of the server manually. The copy and paste procedure can be a bit hectic before you get used to the VOIP.
Some games may call for one to host a server and bring in friends. This feature makes gaming even more exciting. Whenever you think of hosting a server on TeamSpeak, you must have in mind that you will have to pay something. You must buy the server from a host. The price here is dependent on the number of slots you wish to have on your server.

Another feature that has made online gaming enjoyable is the ability to monitor the channel. It makes it extra fun to know who is on your channel and who isn’t. Unfortunately, TeamSpeak doesn’t have an in-built feature to deal with this. However, it has partnered with Overwolf, an in-game overlay software. The application allows a gamer to monitor the channel. One downside that comes with allowing this software is that it causes lagging in the system. This is one disadvantage that makes it hard for gamers to use the software. Such lags can mess with a gamer’s experience.


  • Comes an outstanding voice quality
  • Comes with chat channels that coincide with the voice channel
  • Extensive permission system


  • Has no channel to communicate with other gamers outside TeamSpeak
  • The extensive permission system can be confusing for first-timers


Discord is another VOIP that came after TeamSpeak to set a difference in the world of players. The application came into the market mid-2015, and with amazing features that you can hardly ignore. The fact that it came after TeamSpeak means a lot of upgrades and hence becoming one of the most used VOIPs today.

When it comes to size, the application is more extensive as compared to TeamSpeak. It requires no less than 100mbs to perform effectively. Therefore, if you use it on a system that has a poor performance, the application may end up taking much memory and disk. As a result, this may affect the system, and hence, the gaming experience gets worse.

However, it’s hard to ignore that the application comes with upgraded integration and API, which make it much sleeker than its competitor, TeamSpeak. Unfortunately, these marvelous features make the entire system power-hungry. One thing that many people love about Discord as compared to TeamSpeak is the process of adding new games. You understand how it can get confusing when you want to launch a game, but you’ve got no shortcut. Well, Discord takes care of such troubles. You can start the game that has no shortcuts using Discord.

Another thing that you may also love about the platform is that you can buy games from there. It allows a user to acquire games at a discounted price. You can, as well view what your friends and users at Discord are playing and join them. When it comes to server and hosting, Discord has got you covered. Their servers are free as compared to TeamSpeak, where you have to pay.

In addition to the free price, the servers are easy to manage as most things are basic. Therefore, it won’t be hard for you to hack your way through if you’re a newbie. For instance, the making of channels and sending invite links is much easy on this platform. This ease of use makes it an efficient tool whenever you wish to bring your friends on-board for some real gaming experience.

Discord comes with its in-game overlay, which allows a gamer to monitor other user’s activity within the channel. With the software, it’s usually easy to tell which friends are joining or leaving your channels. Lastly, it allows one to enable notifications such as tags and messages hence making the communications much easy.


  • Has a web widget
  • It’s free to use
  • Comes with an in-built game overlay so you can view your friend’s activities
  • Can be used as an online chat application to keep tabs with your friends all along
  • Shows what games your friends and other gamers are playing


  • The chat channels can be confusing for first-timers


TeamSpeak vs. Discord battle seems to be endless. These two VOIPs have unique characteristics and that gamers find attractive in their own ways. However, most players insist that Discord takes the win. It’s up to you to choose one that suits your gaming experience and system.

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