What Is Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

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If you plan to build a website, you need a hosting account to help you navigate and handle it. Imagine you’re going to set up a business. You need to rent a space where you can store your files. You call this storage as the web server.

VPS or Virtual Private Server is one of the types of hosting you can select from to host your site. VPS is like the dedicated server that’s within the shared hosting. You can picture it as both dedicated hosting and shared hosting.

If you have high traffic on your website, you can rent a dedicated server. It allows you to use the entire server without sharing it to anyone. But, you can choose shared hosting if you’re getting started with your website. You can bank a lot of money since you rent only a portion of the server and share it with other users.

However, you can choose VPS if you’re not sure if a dedicated server is right for you.

How Does VPS Work?

Are you familiar with Virtual Box or VMware? Well, VPS technology is similar to these programs.  VPS allows you to run virtualized operating systems in one machine.

For example, your desktop computer might be running on Windows 10, but you can still run other popular operating systems like Linux and Windows XP. Take note: you wouldn’t need to restart your computer when you’re going to run these programs.

VPS offers you diverse operating systems while you have a single operating server. The virtualized operating system acts as a dedicated server that allows you to gain the benefits of dedicated hosting.

Benefits of VPS

Website owners who want to set up and manage their sites could face a difficult time without VPS or other web hosting services. It’s also expensive to set up a server and manage it. But, thanks to VPS it’s hassle-free on your part due to the following benefits.

Excellent Customization

Do you want an operating system when you manage your website? That becomes a reality with the VPS Server. You can manage the Operating System that enables you to use server applications such as PHP, Apache and more. If you want these applications customized, you can make changes to the applications anytime.

Full Control

Website owners can install server applications that need system restart anytime with VPS server. Yes, you might be sharing the server with others, but the VPS server could be restarted without affecting anyone. Hence, you experience ease and control in handling your server.


It’s always a priority for most servers to consider the privacy of their files. With VPS, you don’t share your OS with other servers. Hence, other websites wouldn’t have access to your files. You’re sure that all your files are safe and secure in using VPS.

Dedicated Resources

Unlike shared hosting, VPS allows you to use amounts of RAM for your consumption. There wouldn’t be other servers which can use your storage other than you.  Thus, you’re free to use server storage anytime.

Are There VPS Server Options?

VPS servers are sure to have server management options that they can use to manage their sites.  You can use cPanel that offers Optimized Configuration that leads to excellent server performance. You can have automatic backups that give you simple server management.

When it comes to cloud VPS, you gain full root access, RAM and CPUs at an affordable price.  You can also gain control and speed in using excellent storage server.

The Pros and Cons of VPS

If you want to achieve excellent server management, the virtual private server might be one of the excellent choices you need. Here are the pros of VPS that makes it an excellent choice for you.


  • Unlike shared hosting, VPS is more reliable and faster to use.
  • The server resources such as memory and power are excellent. You wouldn’t face any hassle in using the resources of the VPS server.
  • You gain excellent root access to the server you’re using.
  • The traffic issues of other servers don’t affect your website, so you manage your server easily.
  • You gain privacy because your databases and files are locked from other users.
  • VPS offers an easy to scale service that allows you to upgrade your resources such as disk space and RAM.Virtual Private Server might be an excellent choice for website owners.  But, there are also a few downsides of VPS such as the following:


  • Unlike shared hosting, VPS is more expensive. You can’t easily buy it if you’re on a tight budget.
  • You need to have technical knowledge so that you can manage your server.
  • If you improperly configured the servers, it might lead to vulnerabilities of your site.

Is VPS Worth It?

If you want reliability and full control of your site, VPS is an excellent choice for you.  VPS provides you with the power and resources that enable you to focus on the management of your site.  You maintain your privacy because no other server can see your files and documents.

What about high traffic and e-commerce sites?

 VPS servers provide you with excellent control of your site. You can access the files that you would like people to see, and VPS gives you no hassles to do it.  Also, the CPU, RAM, and other resources are all yours to use anytime.  You can store files such as images, videos, and HTML to your server at all times. Then, you can access your files freely if you need it.

If you want your business to snowball, VPS can help you make that happen. VPS server offers you a business-scale and reliable environment at an affordable price.  Website owners who are on a tight budget would benefit from the affordability of VPS.

Do you want to reach success?

Then, VPS is an excellent choice which allows you to manage and gain full control of your website. VPS can make your business grow and connect you to a wide audience. With its reliability and affordability, you’re sure that success is within your reach. Come now and try VPS for you to achieve success!