Scribd vs. Audible: Which One Is the Better Option?

Audible on smartphone on white background

Audiobooks have become an increasingly popular way for people to consume literature, whether for leisure, education, or productivity. With the advent of online platforms and mobile apps, it’s easier than ever to access a wide variety of audiobooks on demand. Two of the most well-known platforms for audiobooks are Scribd and Audible. In this blog …

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PuTTY vs. WinSCP: Which Is Better?

Screenshot of WinSCP

What Is a Terminal Emulator? A terminal emulator is software installed on your PC that makes it appear as an older terminal so that the user can access programs intended to communicate with the other older terminal. This is done by allowing your PC to access another remote computer via a graphical interface such as …

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4chan vs. Reddit: Which One Should You Choose?

Close up reddit logo

Internet forums are a great platform to discuss with like-minded people about whatever you want. Discussions on these forums include everything from cooking to crypto trading and virtually anything else you can think of. 4chan and Reddit are two of the internet’s biggest and most popular forums. Their popularity is their expansive catalog of forums, …

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Web Server vs. Application Server

Close-up of server

The computer programs and information that are stored in a network are then stored in a repository known as a server. Programmers can access the repository at any time. Two types of servers are commonly used to create websites: a web server and an application server. The former is responsible for handling the operations related …

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Coding vs. Scripting: What’s the Difference?

Coding on Laptop

If you’re trying to learn coding on your own, you might’ve come across a lot of material on the internet that uses the terminologies “coding” and “scripting” interchangeably. And since you never had anyone to guide you through this jargon, you might’ve thought these two terminologies refer to the same thing. Well… They don’t! Coding …

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Packet Loss vs. Ping: What’s the Difference?

Person streaming on laptop

If you’re new to computers or gaming on computers, the terms ping and packet loss can seem interchangeable. While the reasons why both happen might be similar, they both are two different things and are individually frustrating on their own. In this article, we will explore what these terms refer to, what causes them, and …

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Mobile Gaming vs. PC Gaming

Person playing PUBG on smartphone

As a result of the industry’s quick expansion, video games have become one of the most popular types of entertainment worldwide. These days, players can play on various platforms, including mobile devices, gaming consoles, and personal computers. Each of these platforms is very well-liked among gamers, and players now have access to a diverse selection …

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Broadband vs. WiFi: Explained

Wifi icon on iPhone

Wireless fidelity, or Wi-Fi, is high-speed wireless internet transmitted over radio waves. The setting up of Wi-Fi requires a LAN cable directed to a router with antennas. An internet service provider supplies broadband through the LAN cable, which is then dispersed by the router through antennas to provide a wireless internet connection. Multiple devices can …

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Forward Proxy vs. Reverse Proxy: What’s the Difference?

Close up of server rack

A proxy can be thought of as an intermediary. The main purpose of a proxy service is to act on behalf of another computer or machine. Generally, when talking about proxies, we usually mean forward proxies instead of reverse proxies. In this article, we will look at both kinds to know the role they play …

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IPTV vs. OTT: Which One Do You Need?

Person holding black remote

Satellite and fiber optic cable TVs are progressively becoming obsolete. In the internet age, we no longer have to view content in the “tunnel” based model of these content viewing services. We get to choose what we want to watch. Also, we get to choose when we want to watch it. We no longer have …

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Ecosia vs. DuckDuckGo: Which Is Better for You?

DuckDuckGo on laptop

Google is the largest in the search engine arena; the average person can only name about two to three search engines at best. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t more search engines worth learning about. In fact, there are a bunch of search engines out there that offer you better privacy/benefits than google. In today’s …

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Virtual Desktop vs. Air Link: Which Is Better?

White Oculus on white table

You might’ve heard of Airlink- it is Oculus’ alternative for Virtual Desktop made to allow users to play Virtual Reality (VR) games without a cable connection. Users love this product because it allows them to play their favorite VR games without getting tangled up in cable wires. Of course, many people are still on the …

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