IPTV vs. OTT: Which One Do You Need?

Person holding black remote

Satellite and fiber optic cable TVs are progressively becoming obsolete. In the internet age, we no longer have to view content in the “tunnel” based model of these content viewing services. We get to choose what we want to watch. Also, we get to choose when we want to watch it. We no longer have …

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Ecosia vs. DuckDuckGo: Which Is Better for You?

DuckDuckGo on laptop

Google is the largest in the search engine arena; the average person can only name about two to three search engines at best. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t more search engines worth learning about. In fact, there are a bunch of search engines out there that offer you better privacy/benefits than google. In today’s …

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Virtual Desktop vs. Air Link: Which Is Better?

White Oculus on white table

You might’ve heard of Airlink- it is Oculus’ alternative for Virtual Desktop made to allow users to play Virtual Reality (VR) games without a cable connection. Users love this product because it allows them to play their favorite VR games without getting tangled up in cable wires. Of course, many people are still on the …

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Desktop GPU vs. Laptop GPU: Which One Is Better?

GPU on motherboard

If you’ve stumbled across this article, you’re probably debating whether you should get a gaming PC or a laptop. We say this because this is usually when people want to compare the internal hardware of PCs to laptops. GPUs (Graphics processing units) are more commonly known as graphic cards. They are responsible for simultaneously different …

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Surface Web vs. Deep Web vs. Dark Web

woman using laptop on bed

We’ve all heard of the terms “deep web” and “dark web” before, but few of us know what they really mean. Of course, everyone tells a different story about them. For some, these terms simply refer to the exclusive, hidden side of the internet. Others, however, paint a much darker picture- calling them hot spots …

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Windows XP vs. Windows 10: Which Is Right for You?

Close up of Windows logo

As the age of technology progresses, it becomes increasingly harder for us to imagine our lives without the machines and software that surround us today. We had become so accustomed to our technology-enabled lifestyle that we often forget that it was not too long ago when devices like smartphones, computers, tablets, and laptops were thought …

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Chromebook vs. MacBook: Which One Do You Need?

Black Samsung ChromeBook on leaves

Picking the right laptop for yourself can be a pretty difficult task- you have to look into so many things, from what you need it for to its processing specs, the screen size, the weight, the design, the features, the brand, the post-purchase services, and of course your budget. If you’re currently looking for a …

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AMD Ryzen 7 vs. Intel Core i7: Which Is Better?

Close up of Intel's CPU

The competition among tech giants is fiercer than ever before. As each company tries to outperform its rivals, the differences between their flagship products become so narrow that ordinary people barely even notice them. Such is the case in the world of CPUs as well. Currently, Intel and AMD are the leading giants in CPU …

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OLED vs. UHD: What’s the Difference?

Black TV on wooden desk

We live in an age where screens constantly surround our lives. Be it at home, work, or school – screens never seem to stop being relevant. Despite this thorough integration of screens in our lives, it is often quite surprising to learn how little people know about screens, their different types, and how they work. …

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Discman vs. Walkman: Which Is Better?

Black walkman with headphone on orange surface

Before the convenience of iPods and iPhones, many people relied on portable devices like the Walkman and the Discman for on-the-go music. But since both are fundamentally just used for the same thing, it is not surprising that many people wonder why one would be preferred over another. This article will explore why these devices …

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SD Card vs. Micro SD Card: What’s the Difference?

SD Cards on white surface

Today, memory cards are commonly referred to as SD cards. This results in many people thinking that both these terms are the same. However, it is important to remember that SD cards are a type of memory card. Memory cards come in many different varieties, and as citizens of this technologically advancing world, we need …

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