Discman vs. Walkman: Which Is Better?

Black walkman with headphone on orange surface

Before the convenience of iPods and iPhones, many people relied on portable devices like the Walkman and the Discman for on-the-go music.

But since both are fundamentally just used for the same thing, it is not surprising that many people wonder why one would be preferred over another.

This article will explore why these devices were such a hit and what exactly differentiates them from one another.


The Walkman is a compact cassette player with a set of lightweight headphones. The first Walkman was made from aluminum, but the models were made from plastic after that.

The Walkman’s magnetic recording system has two main components: the audio cassette tape (the primary storage) and the recorder itself (the playback device).

Play, pause, rewind, fast forward, record, and stop are the basic operations available on it.


White digital walkman on table

But why do some still prefer the Walkman? For starters, you can store songs in the “WAV” file format, which consumes more storage space but provides better sound quality.

Moreover, it holds a considerably larger CD collection compared to a normal phone which is extremely limited. Even in MP3 format, a phone will be able to fit most of it on a 32/64 GB micro-SD card, which is the maximum capacity card most phones would accept.

Apart from being more acoustically capable and minimum fuzz audio listening compared to an average phone, there is no notification disturbance or interference because of a cellular connection.

The battery life is considerably high; one charge can get you at least a week of battery life, given you play high-resolution music files for at least 2-4 hours a day. Its specifications claim it can play around 26- 30 hours for a non-android Walkman and less for an android Walkman.

There are multiple kinds of Walkman, from mp3 player (that cannot play lossless files) to entry high-resolution player (which can play lossless files), mid-level which has better adaptation and built, or limited high-end series with better component isolation, superior wirings and material and the ability to push more power to a headset.

Its chip processing dedicated to audio results in reduced interference; however, you will only benefit if you utilize a sensitive headset with wires.

Walkman uses bigger headphones; though they are heavier, they provide the best resolution instead of when they are used with smartphones or any other devices that cannot supply enough power to the headphones, resulting in lower-quality audio.

The Walkman is still around today. However, it’s now a digital music player with various options: Headphones with Walkman capabilities, behind-the-neck earphones, stick-type players with USB ports, and candy bar style players with color displays are all available.

Music can be played, artist information can be retrieved, and music can be ‘thrown’ to other devices.


Black discman on wooden surface

Now that we have dissected the numerous benefits of the Walkman, you may still wonder, why would people buy the Discman at all? The Discman is Sony’s brand name for portable CD players.

The brand name has since been changed to CD Walkman. Unlike the traditional Walkman, a Discman uses the updated technology of laser beams to read data off CDs.


Comparable to the Walkman, the Discman comes with a battery with a long life span of 10 to 30 hours and is easy to transport. If you turn it to high volume, you won’t have any difficulties with screeching sounds.

A system to refine bass was used to create them. Compared to other sorts of gadgets, it can supply you with high-quality sound even if the pitch is high.

The Discman is one of the most cost-effective options available. One can purchase a variety of well-known models. These can provide you with superior-quality sound at a low cost. It comes in appealing designs and is extremely light and portable.

Aside from that, because it is heat and waterproof, you may exhibit it outside; also, because it has a memory buffer, the regular user loves to listen to music on this gadget. It can also avoid CD skips due to shaking or any other external movement.

Furthermore, tapes can be destroyed, and as the magnet loses its power, the recorder will degrade.

CDs, on the other hand, can survive a long time if you protect them from any type of scratch. Furthermore, they can last for decades without deteriorating or losing sound quality.

A ruined tape cannot be repaired, but with the Discman, you can get a kit to remove scratches from CDs. This gadget also allows you to skip a song or replay one if you want to listen to it again. This feature is not available on cassette or tape.

The Discman is the best item to get if you want to listen to your favorites songs without waiting for batteries to recharge.

There are several power options for the Discman. As a result, you have the option of using batteries or a charger. Because of the charger, you may listen to music without interruption.

You won’t have to bother about installing batteries or purchasing and expending significant amounts on batteries in this case. As a result, you can enjoy a long-running playlist without any power limitations or problems with this.


Both the Walkman and Discman are easy to use, extremely accessible, and easy on the pocket. They transport their users to simpler times, when one may want to disconnect from the world for a bit.

Both have their numerous benefits, but with technology advancing, everyday cassettes used for Walkman are not as readily available. For this reason, using a Discman may be preferred.