How to Create a Strong Password

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Strong Password

Creating a strong password seems like it’s a challenge. It is a daunting task to create an impenetrable password, especially if you have to create one for every site and account you use then you have to memorize that password too. Anyone would feel overwhelmed to create numerous passwords that combine various characters to make it unique.

Because of this, people usually use one unique character for all the sites they use even though it is unsafe. There is a huge possibility of all of their web information compromised and exposed. If not this, it is probably that you use several passwords, but they are not unique enough – likely short, simple words and numbers about you, which would be easy to guess.

On the other hand, those who knew how important strong passwords are would have created unique passwords that as a result are hard to remember. As a way to ensure they won’t forget their password, they might have a list of passwords they always keep with them. However, the thing is doing this compromises the safety of all the information on your computer and sites.

It goes to say that if a password is forgettable, then it doesn’t work. If you want to keep all the information on your computer, sites, and accounts safe, you need a long, unique, and easy to memorize password for each one of them. The question is, “How?” In this article, we’ll talk about what makes a strong password, how to create one, and how you can memorize it.

Key Elements of a Strong Password

There are a few things that make up a strong password – length, numbers, symbols, and a mix of letters. When it comes to the length, the longer it is, the better. You can use a variety of symbols and characters, along with numbers and words. The mix of letters you use should include an upper and lower case.

Besides these elements, you should not use a password connected to any personal information. Otherwise, someone who knows you can easily figure it out. Anyone who can do a decent sleuthing can find out your password especially with how much information is available online thanks to social media. Additionally, you should not use dictionary words, as those are easy to figure out as well.

With passwords made of random letters, numbers, and symbols, a lot of you will likely have a hard time memorizing it. Fortunately, there are simple ways you can create a password with all these elements and remember them easily.

What Makes a Weak Password?

A strong password is hard to guess but is still memorable. So that you can avoid creating a weak password, it is crucial to know the common practices that a lot of people, but puts them at risk. If you know them, it will significantly pay off as you can then avoid doing the same thing. Therefore, you can increase the safety of your data.

Here are some of the common people do that makes a weak password:

  • Using common words such as ‘password,’ ‘blank,’ or ‘default.’ All of these are words that any user can easily guess.
  • Using words and numbers personally associated with you such as the last name, as well as date and year of birth. Identifiable words like these are easily cracked.
  • Using short, easily deciphered words such as passwords with number substitutes that form readable

How to Make Your Passwords Strong

Before talking about the tips to create a unique, strong password, here are some of the things that can help keep your password tough to guess, but easy to remember. First, you need to settle to the ideal length, mixes of letters, cases, symbols, and numbers to use in your password. After this, you should keep the following reminders in your mind:

  • Don’t use the same password across your emails, social media accounts, shopping, and all other sites where there is sensitive personal information.
  • Don’t write down your passwords as others can easily discover them that way.
  • The best way to keep track of your passwords is a password manager, which you can use as an extra security tool.
  • Don’t ever share your password with other people and if you did, change it immediately.

Tips to Create a Unique Password

Here are some tips to help you create strong but memorable passwords:

Choose a Reminder Sentence to Use for Your Password

Think of a sentence that is distinct to you such as a sentence to describe you, a favorite quote or a line of a song you like. It has to be a sentence you won’t forget. In creating your password, take the first letter of each word from that sentence. To add the numbers and symbols, you can alter some of the letters.

Develop a Formula to Remember All Your Passwords

One of the excellent ways to create passwords you can easily remember is by creating a personal formula to them. For instance, you can create a unique password following the method mentioned before, which will serve as the root of your passwords. For each other website, you can change a part of the root password, such as the first letter, to change them up a bit.

Use Password Generators

If it’s a hassle to create multiple passwords and remember them, you can use a password generator instead, such as Bitwarden. There are now devices and apps capable of producing unique passwords with a mix of letters, symbols, numbers, and cases. Some choose a physical password manager, and others store them online, but they are great for managing hundreds of varying passwords.

Play with Your Keyboard

There are around a hundred keys in most computer keyboards. It gives you plenty of options to create a unique, strong password. You can use emoticons to add to the letters, and you can arrange the letters based on patterns on your keys. That way, it will also be easier for you to remember your passwords.

Remember the tips mentioned above to create a password that will be hard to crack by family members, friends, and especially hackers. Besides creating a strong password, you should also put in place other measures to ensure the security of your device. With that, you can be sure all your personal data is perfectly safe.