Edifier R1280T Review

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Edifier R1280T

Speakers help you enhance the quality of your PC or laptop’s audio. Most computer systems don’t come equipped with external speakers, keeping you from getting the best experience while watching your favorite movies.

You may have to buy new speakers that go well with your PC and are compatible with all devices. However, hundreds of companies offer thousands of options if you look into the market, making it difficult to decide.

Edifier is among these popular brands that produce high-quality speakers that enhance your laptop or PC’s audio system. The Edifier R1280T is the best example to prove it.

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What is Edifier R1280T?

The Edifier R1280 is a set of bookshelf speakers that maintains the right balance between its price and sound quality. Equipped with two AUX inputs, it allows you to easily connect your smartphone and have a better experience listening to songs. Also, the speakers have dual inputs to help you connect multiple sound sources simultaneously.

It is an affordable set of speakers that not only save your money but also takes less space. With a size smaller than a shoebox, you can fit these speakers anywhere in your home.

The pair consists of a powered speaker and a passive speaker. The former has an internal amplifier to power both the speakers. You can connect the set using stereo wires, and it will be ready to work.

At a really low price, the Edifier R1280T speakers provide a great balance between its design and performance. Even though it’s a mid-level brand, these speakers give you high-end sound quality.

Design, Features, and Build

Edifier R1280T Design

The Edifier R1280T is one of the best bookshelf speakers you will find in the market. This pair of speakers is most suitable for watching movies. So, if you are a cinema lover, you should give the Edifier R1280T a chance.


Each Edifier R1280T speaker is about 9.2 inches in height, 5.7 inches in width, and 7 inches deep. The two speakers attach via a detachable stereo cable, with the right one feeding power to the left one.

The right speaker features an IR sensor controlled by a remote with only three buttons – Volume Up, Volume Down, and Mute. On the back of this speaker, there are two RCA inputs labeled as PC and AUX. The former supports all devices compatible with 3.5 mm RCA cables.

Moreover, the side panel has three knobs having different functions. The lower one is to increase and decrease the volume. You can control the bass from the middle knob and control the treble from the upper one.

The only downside is that there is no stopping point to the volume knob. It takes complete revolutions, making it difficult to set the speaker at the lowest or the highest volume.


The Edifier R1280T speakers’ side panels have two wooden slats, while the top has a matte metallic finishing. The gray-colored grilles are removable and feature the Edifier logo at the bottom.

Both the speakers are small and lightweight, making them one of the most compact bookshelf speakers currently available in the market.

Sound Quality

The Edifier R1280T speakers excel in high-level frequencies and produce high-quality sound with an adjustable quantity. The bass of these speakers may not be perfect but offers a well-balanced sound response.

It is mainly due to the speakers’ small size that lowers the bass quality but still provides smooth sound quality. Also, these speakers work well with midrange frequencies. So, if you listen to acoustic, jazz, or indie music, the R1280T is the right speaker for you.


Edifier R1280T Knob

The R1280T comes with remote control with three buttons that control its volume. You can also control the volume using the lower knob on the side of the right speaker. The bass and treble knobs are better than the equalizer controls on other speakers.

Even if you increase the bass to the highest, it won’t affect these speakers’ performance while maintaining the balance between treble and bass. Moreover, at moderate volume, the bass response will be powerful enough to balance the high-end frequencies.

Whether you are watching a movie or listening to jazz, these speakers won’t disappoint you when it comes to performance.

Should you buy the Edifier R128T?

Edifier R1280T, with its high-quality features, has been proved to be a very well-received product among the public. It is brought to the market by reliable manufacturers and is made out of high-quality materials.

However, speakers are an investment that should be made very carefully. Therefore, knowing all the important aspects of Edifier R1280T is quite important.


This product can be seen as very reliable when it comes to its performance. The product provides you with a very high-quality sound that can be easy compared to a home theatre. Despite its retro look, the audio speakers in this device are quite modern with advanced technology used.

The 2.0 speaker system fitted in them will give out a sound that will never compromise no matter what kind of room you place it into. The bass of the speaker is quite powerful for their size of speakers. The bass drive in this speaker device is 4 inches in size.

Remote sensing control

The speakers have been designed to provide convenience to the users to the maximum. If you bring this product home, you will not have to get up and use the control. You can easily lie down and relax on your couch or bed while you use the speakers.

The remote sensing technology used in these speakers is quite strong, that you can use them from another room. The volume buttons on the remote work perfectly. However, if you want to control the speakers’ bass and treble, they are located on the side of the big speaker.


To enhance the user experience, the speakers have been made compatible with all kinds of devices. You can connect your phones, laptops, or even LEDs using AUX. The speakers come with two outputs. You can easily connect your AUX wires to these outputs while keeping the speakers on one end while putting the other device on the other end.

The headphone output of the device is 35 mm. The speakers have dual RCA output. With the AUX feature, you are no longer required to uses switches or plugs. However, Edifier R1280T has no scope of Bluetooth connectivity feature.


Edifier R1280T Close up

Unlike its other competitors, these speakers have been made while keeping a retro theme. They have also been designed to make them portable and easily moveable. Due to their manageable size, you can keep them on shelves, between books, etc.

The speakers have also been designed to enhance the aesthetics of your room. By using the combination of black and wood color, they will bring out the best features of the room. To bring the best wood color out, a very high-quality MDF is used.

The MDF not only provides aesthetic quality but also adds strength to the entire product. The final touch to the wood MDF surface has been given by wood effect vinyl. This also gives a shiny or polished look to the wooden surface.

Pros and Cons


  • High in quality sound system for a powerful effect
  • The device can be controlled using the remote control
  • It can be connected to any device such as a phone, laptop, etc.
  • Two RCA outputs have been provided in the speakers to which the AUX can be connected
  • The bass and treble of the speakers can also be controlled using the side buttons
  • Comes with a retro look but uses advanced technology


  • Does not have Bluetooth connectivity
  • Bass and treble controls are on the speakers instead of the remote control

Final Verdict

If you are a music lover and want high-quality sound at your home, you will love this device. Edifier R1280T is a set of efficient speakers. They are straightforward to use and control. These speakers are easy to maintain as well. The materials and build of the device give it strength and make it quite durable.

To make the product an even reliable investment for the users, manufacturers provide a two-year warranty. Within this period, if you notice the speakers deteriorating, you can easily get them replaced. Therefore, keeping a constant check on their working is recommended.

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