JBL PartyBox 300 Review

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JBL PartyBox 300

The JBL PartyBox 300 – a colossal speaker that has some amazing light shows. Along with that, it impacts out the entirety of your number one beats and tunes. It’s certainly something that will make your gathering truly outstanding and most sweltering around.

The PartyBox 300 accompanies various highlights. For example, the three lights show alternatives: explicitly the party mode, pulse, and Meter mode. It also supports guitar input, USB playback, and Bluetooth availability. In addition to TWS or RCA uphold as well.

By and large, the PartyBox 300 is a speaker that Bluetooth can connect. It looks much the same as a blast box that accompanies two LED lights. The speaker additionally is accompanied by handles to make it simpler and speedier for you to carry it.

You can connect this to your cell phone or some other gadget utilizing the Bluetooth feature. You’ll likewise get a program rundown, especially if you have a thumb drive with a USB. An additional component that can be very helpful is how it accompanies contributions for your guitar and mic, which is extraordinary.

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Details about the Product

The JBL PartyBox 300 is a ground-breaking and tough gathering speaker that supports the organization’s incredible sound nature. That, however, likewise accompanies striking lighting impacts. That makes it a truly cool and exceptional speaker. This is all gratitude to the battery-powered (rechargeable) battery with a 12-Volt DC input. This permits you to take the gathering with you all over the place.

The speaker has a huge load of valuable and amazing highlights. Those contribute to making it a truly ideal speaker. The Bluetooth speaker is probably the best angle; however, it likewise accompanies a USB port on the off chance that you lean toward connecting your tunes straightforwardly. Besides that, there are other options as well to have your music play over those loudspeakers.

You’ll simply have to put in the mic or the guitar to the speaker. At that point, get in front of an audience or stream your playlist through a USB input or Bluetooth. Something else you can do is remotely interface two of these speakers utilizing the TWS speaker. Besides that, you also have the wired alternative from a solitary RCA yield to an RCA input.

The speaker is likewise ideal in the case of buskers. Besides, it additionally accompanies pleasant, bright strobe LED lights. With them, you can unreservedly set to your inclination. This is a genuine must for all gathering darlings and goers, or in the case of somebody who appreciates spicing and warming up your presentation.

Elements of the Speaker

JBL PartyBox 300 Button

On top, there is a control board that highlights various catches. These incorporate the power force button, play/stop, Bluetooth matching, bass lift, and the volume up and down buttons. There’s additionally a button to initiate or impair the LED lights.

There are just two extras that accompany the PartyBox 300. These are the regular-looking force link that is the length of your basic connector for enormous speakers, in addition to a substantial orange-hued vehicle charger that is very long, more than we anticipated.

Its information board at the back segment of the PartyBox 300 houses various associations for the 3.5-millimeter AUX, RCA, USB. Furthermore, the devoted amplifier and guitar inputs, each having their benefit handles, are located directly above them.

The two input sources have an estimation of a quarter-inch. In case you want to use an XLR mic along with it, you will require a connector. There is additionally the presence of an RCA yield. Furthermore, the channel buttons are utilized for connecting and pairing to a sum of two of the speakers.

The conveying handles with which the speaker is made are truly advantageous since they make things simpler, especially to move the speaker around. The speaker has an 18-hour lasting battery as well. That permits you to use the PartyBox 300 whenever, anyplace.

Sneak Peak in the box

The PartyBox 300 arrives in a solid and strong box of cardboard that makes certain to shield the speaker from any superfluous harm. The container’s front shows a picture of the model, the organization’s name on the top-left edge, and the model name at the top-right edge. Beneath the picture is a slogan that states, “Powerful Bass Boost.” At that point, underneath, this is a couple more insights regarding the speaker.

The below-left segment of the bundle additionally advises you that the speaker is Bluetooth viable. The sides show different subtleties and data about it. In the rear part, you’ll locate a full picture of individuals encompassing an individual who’s breakdancing, with the JBL PartyBox 300 close-by only. You’ll additionally locate the equivalent slogan on this piece of the crate, in addition to some different highlights of the speaker.

At the point when you open the cardboard box, the primary thing you’ll discover is simply the speaker. It is covered with a white cling film to secure it in the process of being shipped to your home. There are additionally thick bits of Styrofoam on either side of the speaker. That is to guarantee that it will not move while likewise on the way.

Besides the speaker, the bundle additionally accompanies a 12-Volt DC link, a security paper, a guarantee card. Additionally, the snappy beginning guide and an AC power code that fluctuates by the district are also there.

Utilizing the Product

With regards to the speaker’s exhibition, the JBL PartyBox 300 is essentially astounding. Regardless of whether you don’t set it up with the bass lift, the music that emerges from it as of now sounds perfect and incredible.

In any case, when you choose to add on the bass lift, you’ll sure host an impacting and blasting gathering all through. The way the JBL PartyBox 300 isn’t only about tuning in to boisterous and clear music; everybody will most likely feel the music also.

If you intend to take your number one tunes to the level above, you can add another PartyBox 300 in the gathering. This makes it surely an extraordinary and extremely savvy alternative. Without much of a stretch, the joined speakers can be combined to intensify and help your tunes further. That is the thing that we as a whole need when tuning in to sound.

Regarding sound quality, we need to pressure that it sounds superb, with 250 Watts of unadulterated force. In any event, when outside, you can get great sounds, and the lifting bass work truly helps a ton. Particularly with the help of the profound bass notes that give more capacity to the tunes.

Something else that can be enjoyed about the speaker is that in case of battery low of the cell phones, you can just use the speaker’s USB port. The music kept on playing while the telephone charged with no issues. The speaker can furthermore act as a power bank in times of need as well.


Top-Notch Audio

  • The PartyBox 300 highlights two woofers of 6.5-inch each and three tweeters of 2.5-inch each.
  • These accompany Wireless Stereo usefulness to permit everybody to connect not one but two PartyBox speakers at the same time.
  • These fit 12-Volt DC contributions to join them outside the battery.

Perfect for Fun Gatherings

  • These JBL speakers have incorporated lights.
  • This particular model additionally includes contributions for guitars and mouthpieces too.
  • You can associate amplifiers and guitars with making evenings like karaoke more fun and pleasant.

Bluetooth Availability

  • The PartyBox 300 works with Bluetooth. This enables you to stream great music from your cell phones remotely.
  • It accompanies a 3.5-mm aux input and a USB input for availability.
  • The PartyBox300 likewise has an exceptional element that permits you to pre-program before any event.
  • You can likewise associate the speakers using Bluetooth utilizing the Wireless Stereo option.

Durable Battery

  • The speaker’s battery limit by JBL is evaluated to last as long as 18 hours on a solitary charge.
  • You can now have loud music and an awesome party going on for continuous 18 hours.

USB Port and Charge

  • You can preplan your number one playlist stacked on your USB drive before your gathering starts.
  • With the USB input in the speaker, you can charge your viable gadget for more accommodation.

Increasing Bass

  • The bass lift work allows you to build the squeeze to your gathering music.
  • You get two degrees of bass lift with the PartyBox 300.
  • It is evident that the more the bass, the more fun you feel and have at your party.

Lighting Experience

  • Availability of three lights that are in the form of meter, party, and pulse modes.
  • These modes can help bring life to a party or a gathering.
  • You can set the lighting mode as per your mood or that of the party. It can easily change as well.
  • The lights are displayed as rings on the speaker. There are in all two lighting rings on the speaker.

Particular Specifications

JBL PartyBox 300 Back

The JBL PartyBox 300 has a 10,000 mAh battery that guarantees 18 hours of persistent battery sufficiency. The tweeters and the woofers provide a recurrence reaction of 45Hz to 20kHz. Much the same as we referenced before, the PartyBox 300 backs the USB port, mouthpiece, guitar contributions, and RCA, along with Bluetooth.

The JBL speaker is filled with lights and strobes. Furthermore, the front packaging permits you to set it to any of the three modes to get the various impacts you need. The PartyBox 300 has power contributions of 100 to 240 V AC and 12 Volts DC.

For its ports and input terminals, these incorporate the USB input source, mic/guitar, RCA L/R in addition to volume buttons, as well as aux. The PartyBox 300 additionally has a 45 – 20,000 Hertz recurrence reaction, which is something great.

Going towards its remote streaming, it has upheld for tablet and cell phone both. Concerning its actual remote sound system, you can interface with up to two gadgets through Bluetooth to make your gathering stunningly better.

This JBL PartyBox 300 utilizes a lithium-ion particle 74.88 Wh battery. That is identical to 1,040 mAh or equivalent to 7.2 Volts. The speaker’s absolute battery charge season approaches five hours, and its general recess will last you until 18 hours.

Ultimately, the PartyBox 300 estimates 310 (w) x 320 (D) x 690 (h) mm. It gauges an aggregate of 35 pounds. JBL additionally ensured that it incorporated a one-year guarantee for their PartyBox 300.

Pros and Cons


  • Enhanced and loud sound output
  • Effective pulse modes available
  • Excellent high-bass


  • Lacks slightly in low-bass

Final Verdict

The PartyBox 300 look when the coordinated lighting impacts come up is just lovely and out of the world. The lights streaked to every beat, and it truly complimented the gathering environment. It was amusing and charming, so the offering of this speaker is unquestioningly a green light.

All things considered, the JBL PartyBox 300 is incredible. Its outside look is otherworldly, the LED lights are amazing, and the music’s nature was astounding. So, it is certain to offer JBL and its speaker a thumbs up for how well it performed.

With everything taken into account, the PartyBox 300 from JBL is an incredible sound answer for your listening pleasure. It offers a feel and conveys astounding execution just as availability. It’s greater and nice, and come to think of it, this is a definitive Bluetooth speaker outside today.

It carries your gathering music to the following level. In case you’re an audiophile, and you love music, you’ll certainly appreciate this speaker. In case you’re searching for ground-breaking versatile speakers that give great sound, it is enthusiastically suggested to go for the JBL PartyBox 300.

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