Kinesis Freestyle Edge Review

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Kinesis Freestyle Edge

Finding a proper gaming keyboard is essential for providing you with a good gaming experience. It ensures that you can play to your fullest potential. With the advancement in technology, different types of gaming keyboards have emerged in the market.

One such amazing gaming keyboard is the Kinesis Freestyle Edge Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This split mechanical gaming keyboard is not only smartly built but also very versatile. This keyboard has some of the most amazing features that will blow your mind.

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What is the Kinesis Freestyle Edge?

The Kinesis Freestyle Edge is an ergonomic, split keyboard that is available in four different color options. This is an improvement from the previous Kinesis Freestyle Pro but will some more amazing features.

The design is the first aspect of the keyboard that gamers will look into. Due to the split design, many gamers find the Kinesis to be a versatile and easy-to-use keyboard. The numerous features present in the keyboard make it a dream come true for serious gamers.

There are four color switches – MX Red, MX Blue, MX Brown, and MX Speed Silver. These switches are more than just color changes. With each switch, you will have a different experience altogether.

Not only is this keyboard perfect for gamers, but it is also a good choice for programmers. Nine additional macro keys are present that have dedicated uses. You will see the keyboard is fueled by customizable RGB lighting along with the color switches.

A great thing about the keyboard is the hand rest present on them. Serious gamers or programmers spend hours on the keyboard, and this can cause pain in the wrists and hands. With the hand-rest feature of the Kinesis Freestyle Edge, this would no longer be an issue.

The ergonomic keyboard provides the players with different customizable options. One thing that is common in all color switches is the lack of noise. Since this keyboard is also built for programmers, it is designed to be used in an office environment.

Design, Features, and Build

The Kinesis Freestyle Edge is a split, ergonomic keyboard that provides gamers and programmers with an amazing gaming experience. However, the design is not the only positive aspect of this keyboard.

It provides the gamers with comfort, and it also has the necessary features for high performance.

Two Parts

The first noticeable thing about the keyboard is that it is in two parts. These are two half keyboards that you can use by placing together. This design remains the same as the original Kinesis Freestyle model.

The material used for the making of the keyboard is matte-grey and hard quality plastic. These keyboard halves are connected with the help of 20 inches braided cables. This lets you configure the keyboard the way you want.

Some gamers can even use just the left half of the keyboard for certain games. During this time, you can keep the right half aside to make more space for the mouse. However, the right half is the part that connects to the PC.

Solid Build

The Kinesis Freestyle Edge is sturdy, and there is no instability in the keyboard. There is no flex in the keyboard which contributes to the stability of the keys.

The textures of the keycaps are very amazing. Moreover, the quality does not feel cheap at all. Due to the presence of the braided cable, it has become more durable.

The halves give you the freedom to place the keyboards in any way you want. There is also a detachable wrist rest which is plushy and comfortable. You will no longer possess the problem of bearing hand aches when using the keyboard for a long time.

One factor of the keyboard is that it lacks incline settings. In case you need to incline the keyboard, you will have to invest separately in a Lift Kit.

Switches and Backlighting

Kinesis Freestyle Edge Close up

The initial decision that needs to be made while buying this keyboard is which switch you will prefer. This keyboard has Cherry keys in mainly Red, Brown, and Blue options. If you are not familiar with Cherry-keys, then here is the basic information.

MX Red keys require low force and can be triggered with just a slight touch. These keys are best for twitch gaming styles.

MX Blue keys are very clicky and are the perfect choice for heavy typing programmers.

MX Brown keys also require low force and provide you with tactical feedback. The MX Brown key falls somewhere between the MX Red and MX Blue keys.

The keyboard has a backlight feature that makes it easy to use the keyboard at night. The RGB lighting is customizable, and users can control the brightness settings on the keyboard directly.


The Kinesis Freestyle Edge is a high-tech gaming keyboard that provides exceptional performance. With the ergonomic design and MX keys, you can set this keyboard according to your gaming needs.

Gaming Performance

The Kinesis Freestyle Edge can be connected only with the help of the cable. There is no wireless connectivity option on the keyboard. Moreover, the cable connection is located in the right half of the keyboard.

The Cherry MX keys are very responsive, depending on which one you choose. Make sure that you choose the MX keys based on your gaming needs. With the right keyboard, you can completely change your gaming experience.

The removable hand wrist is a great boon for serious gamers. Gamers spend hours on their computers. Without a comfortable keyboard, the gaming experience can become a horror. With the hand rest, you can spend as much time as you want without any discomfort.

Typing Performance

We have already discussed the keystrokes for the Cherry MX keys. These mechanical keys provide not just gamers but programmers with a great gaming experience. You can choose from the four available MX keys according to your needs.

The overall typing performance of the Kinesis Freestyle Edge is of good quality. There is an improvement in the keycaps texture from the original model. This makes the users feel better and more comfortable while typing.

The tactile feedback of the MX keys is excellent, and they are light to touch. However, even for the heavy typing keys like the MX Blue, the keyboard does not make much noise.

Should You Buy the Kinesis Freestyle Edge?

Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB

Programmers can also use the Kinesis Freestyle Edge Mechanical Gaming keyboard. This makes it a versatile choice that is not limited to gaming.

The high-performance keyboard, however, may be on the expensive end in comparison to other gaming keyboards.


The keyboard is a highly compatible gaming keyboard. You just have to plug in the cable and start playing. There is no installation process that the users have to go through.

The Kinesis Freestyle Edge keyboard is compatible with Chrome, Windows, Linux, and Mac. If there is a full-size USB port, then you can easily plug in the keyboard.

For Mac and Windows, you can download the RGB SmartSet application.

Typing Noise

The low noise level makes it a great choice for official surroundings. Even if you use the keyboard for long typing projects, you will not feel fatigued. The presence of the wrist-rest is also another reason for the added comfort.

The MX Red and BX Brown keys are the most noiseless options. Since the MX Blue has a clicky keystroke, the noise level is higher than the other ones. However, it is not anywhere near the standard gaming keyboards that you use.

The noise level can be bearable in some office settings. You could go for the other options in case they are not suitable.

Pros and Cons


  • Removable wrist support for gaming comfort
  • Braided cables that keep the area organized
  • Response time of 1ms, which eradicated typing delays
  • Sturdy built
  • Ergonomic design
  • Multiple MX switches available


  • It can be awkward to operate initially
  • RGB color can be uncomfortable for some users
  • Expensive

Final Verdict

In the world of ergonomic technology, the Kinesis Freestyle Edge is a great addition. For serious gamers whose major asset is their keyboard, this new model is a great choice.

The keyboard provides a premium experience both in gaming and typing. This is a versatile keyboard that focuses on user comfort. The MX switches are what every gamer or typist requires.

The variability in the MX switches makes it easy for the user to choose one depending on their need. With these amazing features, you can use the keyboard both for office purposes and gaming purposes.

A great thing about the product is that it is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac. This keyboard also helps you endure long gaming or typing sessions without any discomfort. This is completely due to the presence of the removable wrist rests.

Overall, the Kinesis Freestyle Edge is a great choice for gamers and programmers, despite its high price. The features provided by the keyboard justify the price hike and make the investment-worthy.

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