Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Review

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Ultimate Ears BOOM 3

Music is the essence of life, and you cannot enjoy the music if you do not have the right speakers. Whether you are listening at home or going on a trip with your friends, you always carry your Bluetooth.

Most Bluetooth companies focus on the loudness of the music than on the sound quality. The same has been the case with Ultimate Ears in their BOOM and BOOM 2 models. However, the BOOM 3 has been a real game-changer in this aspect.

Ultimate Ears have been in the market for a long time. They have also been one of the first companies to bring Bluetooth speakers to the market. If you are in search of waterproof Bluetooth speakers for the next event, then the UE BOOM 3 is a great option.

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What Is the Ultimate Ears BOOM 3?

Ultimate Ears is a company that has been in the market for a long time. However, the company came to be known in 2008 after Logitech acquired it. Though it began providing customized in-ear monitors, the acquisition changed the business line to portable wireless speakers.

The BOOM 3 is the latest addition to its product list. This product has seen a huge improvement from its previous model. One of the main improvements that people can feel in this model is the sound quality.

The feature that has stayed the same in all the BOOM series models is the loud sound. Furthermore, this speaker is waterproof in real and not just on paper. If you have a beach trip planned and want to carry your speakers, then the BOOM 3 is your best choice.

The speaker is also great for rainy climates, and having a waterproof speaker is a great boon. They have competitive pricing and have seen major advancements in terms of features and built.

The Bluetooth speaker combines ruggedness and style with extreme confidence. This speaker’s tough design and cylindrical shape give it an amazing edge. Moreover, the speaker is waterproof and dustproof due to its IP67 rating.

The fabric of the speaker is of high quality with high density, which makes it indestructible. This portable speaker is lightweight and compact but very sturdy. You can just keep it in your bag and carry it for any kind of trip.

Design, Build, and Features

The Ultimate ears Boom 3 brings some power-packed features, which show a huge upgrade from the Boom 2. Ultimate Ears have worked hard on the shortcomings of the previous model and tried to solve this one.

Amazing Design and Sturdy Build

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Waterproof

The speaker’s exterior is wrapped with fabric which makes it easy to operate the controls. There are plus and minus signs which depict the volume buttons. You can operate both these buttons by clicking in the middle.

The speaker is slightly taller and heavier than the previous models, which does not matter much. With the IP67 rating, you can put the speaker for a maximum of 30 minutes in up to 1m water. This would not damage the speaker at all, except you need to seal the Micro-USB port properly.

You will find the speaker in three primary color varieties: Sunset Red, Night Black, and Lagoon Blue. However, there may be some other color options that are quite limited.

When it comes to the design, you can find the speaker quite attractive. The exterior also changes colors slightly under different lights.

With the presence of the rubber finish, you can get a better grip on the speaker. Your hand feels smooth, and the look is quite sophisticated and modern.

Another great feature of the speaker is its resistance to shock. You can drop the speaker up to five feet, and it will survive without any damages. This speaker is protected from water or drop damage due to the presence of the fabric wrap.

Easy Controls

Many users find the design to be simple and sober. However, some users might find the simplicity disappointing.

The speaker’s top part has three buttons for Bluetooth pairing, power and a multi-functional button for track skipping and playback. One single click of this button will play and pause your music. If you double click the button, it will go to your next track.

Application Control

You can connect your iOS and Android device to the speaker using only Bluetooth. There is an application named “Boom,” which will help control the speaker. You do not have to touch the speaker to change volumes or tracks.

The equalizer settings adjustment, setting up of wireless daisy-chaining, or even creating playlists can be done from the application. Furthermore, you can set alarms in your speaker using the app.

Sound Quality

The Boom 3 has seen a significant change in the base and the low-end frequencies. However, you need to play with the equalizer settings in the application. This can become quite frustrating for some users.

The bass has been upgraded with a passive radiator, which is impressive. Another thing about this speaker is the loud sound. However, even at the loudest volume, the quality does not deteriorate.


The best aspect of the Boom 3 is that it can be connected to both Android and iOS devices. However, since it has no AptX support, Bluetooth is the only way to connect to the speaker. Along with that, the sound quality is something to be impressed about.

Sound Performance

The previous Boom model’s main issue was the lack of sound quality, especially on the higher volumes. When users increased the volume, the sound would break. There was also a lack of proper bass for the songs.

These problems have been addressed in Boom 3. Despite the sound reaching the highest volume, there have been no issues with the quality. The clean sound is sure to impress the users more than the volume.

If you like listening to high-bass songs, then this speaker will be your best companion. They are not your low-budget, basic Bluetooth speakers. There is no sound distortion, even with the loud bass and volume.

Connectivity Performance

The Bluetooth connectivity is very stable and can be sustained up to 50 feet. You can even get a clear sound up to 100 feet; however, there should be no barriers in between. A very frustrating thing with Bluetooth speakers is the connectivity loss at certain times.

With the Boom 3, you will not have to bear this problem. As long as you are within the range, the connectivity will be stable.

Battery Performance

You can control the Boom 3 with the Boom application that runs on your phone. Due to the app-based connectivity, there may be a quick battery drain. However, this does not mean it will die down in one or two days.

You can play all your favorite games and use the app controls without charging the device at all in 5 days. Depending on how frequently you use the speaker, it may go on for longer.

Should You Buy The Ultimate Ears Boom 3?

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Close up

The Boom 3 is a practical choice for people who do not have another Bluetooth speaker in their stock. If you are looking for a standard model with some good features, you could work with it.

Do not go in expecting some mind-blowing results from the speakers, or you will be disappointed. Though it has gone up from the Boom 2, the sound clarity could have been much better.

The wireless charging and the easy portability are two of the most amazing things about this speaker. You can easily connect to Bluetooth without having to refresh the settings. Even the connectivity is very stable till the time the device is within the mentioned range.

Even with its drawback, the speaker is a good choice for most people. There are not many fancy controls, which could be a good thing for most consumers. However, if you want a high-end speaker for professional purposes, then the Boom 3 is not ideal.

Pros and Cons


  • Good sound quality
  • Can float in water
  • Wireless charging
  • Shock and water-resistant
  • Good battery life


  • Absence of AUX and microphone connectivity

Final Verdict

If you are a music lover who is searching for a good quality portable speaker, then the UE Boom 3 can fulfill your wishes. The volume and sound are good for a standard speaker. However, the easy mobility provided by the speaker is exceptional.

In terms of design, the speaker is amazing, with some interesting color choices. This dynamic Bluetooth speaker will be the perfect choice for any trip or house party.

Overall, the speaker leaves a good impression on the users. Even though the price could have slightly less when compared to what it provides, choosing this speaker would not be a bad idea.

You can even control the volume and bass of the song with the equalizer settings in the application. This gives you more scope to listen to your favorite song the way you want to.

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