Polk Audio PSW10 Review

Silver Polk Audio PSW10 on white surface

Are you a crazy music lover? Or maybe a gamer? If you’re a music enthusiast or enjoy playing games like any other pro gamer, you’re clearly here to know more about the Polk Audio PSW10. This subwoofer has currently taken over the market. Although all subwoofers look almost similar, the differences may be visible in …

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Bose Bass Module 700 Review: Deep Bass Subwoofer

Black Bose Bass Module 700 near white cabinet

Bose delivers a wide portfolio of audio equipment, from sound systems for vehicles to personalized audio devices. In recent years, Bose Corporation has been trying to provide the ultimate theater experience for their customers. Bose Corporation manufactures some of the best soundbars. However, they often lack low tones and bass, which creates a righteous place …

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Sonos Sub (Gen 3) Review: Pure Bass Subwoofer

Black Sonos Sub Gen 3 in between green plant and green bed

A good subwoofer makes the perfect home theatre. Subwoofers are better than those heavyweight loudspeakers that you cannot carry easily. They complete your audio system by providing lower frequencies that come from instruments or sound effects in movies. Speaking of subwoofers, Sonos Subwoofer (Gen 3) is the latest one available in the market. Sonos released …

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Klipsch R-120SW Review

Black Klipsch R-120SW on wooden tiles

To blast through the roof when partying at night, you need a decent woofer. Sound quality and volume are the foremost parameters that separate mediocre subwoofers from high-quality models. This article will discuss one such high-quality sound option that excels not only in performance but also in looks and durability. Where to Buy? Seller Price …

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