BenQ HT2050A Review

White BenQ HT2050A on wooden table

Projectors have gained a lot of popularity and use in the past few decades. There are various projectors available on the market, and if you increase your budget, you will get some very cool features. However, most of us like to buy a projector that does the job just fine, and it is when we …

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Optoma HD146X Review

Black Optoma HD146X close-up

Optoma, founded in the year 2002 and headquartered in Taiwan, is a well-known company that makes high-quality projectors. Their specialization is LED and DLP projectors, and they continue to excel in these sectors. For years, the company has been highly recommended by people who have previously used their products. The main attraction of the products …

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Anker Nebula Capsule Review

Black Anker Nebula Capsule beside coca cola can

The Anker Nebula Capsule is a handy projector that greatly enhances your viewing experience. Whether it’s on a trip with friends or a quiet family picnic, you can carry it anywhere. It is small and easily fits in any bag. It is compact, as well as efficient. If you are looking for a good portable …

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