Jaybird Vista Review: Earbuds for Sports

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Jaybird Vista

What makes wireless earbuds worth a purchase? Secure fit, great sound quality, and comfort level.

Jaybird Vista checks all the benchmarks. Being fully sweatproof and waterproof, the earbuds are extremely lightweight at 6 grams.

The compact and sleek designed earbuds encompass multiple elements and features to appeal the fitness enthusiasts.

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What Is So Unique About Jaybird Vista?

Judd Armstrong, an Australian Entrepreneur/Athlete, founded the company, Jaybird in 2006. In 2007, he launched the first Bluetooth-capable headset.

Later, he launched the first fitness-based model in 2014. Now, the company is listed as selling the top five earbuds in the market.

The Jaybird Vista is an upgraded version of the predecessor, the Run XT. The new version comes with IPX7 construction to ensure that it can handle extreme weather and workout conditions.

It offers a five-minute quick charge feature to provide an hour-long of playtime. Besides, its JBS1 true wireless Bluetooth technology maintains zero-lag and high-quality stereo sound for calls and music.

These key fundamentals prove the efficient performance of Jaybird Vista earbuds.

Design, Features, and Build

Jaybird Vista Waterproof

Jaybird Vista earbuds help expand the horizon of an active audio experience. It’s an industry-leading earbud with incredible battery life and IPX7 construction.


The Jaybird Vista earbuds have a minimalistic appearance with a brilliant design. It uses a fully connected casing with ear tips and fits perfectly into the upper edge and inside of your ear.

The single pair of earbuds provides you the convenience of using them while running. Besides, the complete connection will prevent the corrosive sweat and water from seeping inside the drivers.

It comes in three different sizes for connected ear tips. Among the three, one can remove the wing tip completely to increase the overall comfort for casual listening. Besides, the compact size of earbuds with carrying case let you carry around in a zipped pocket.

The carrying case utilizes angled charging stations that limit the space consumed by the earbuds.

The single activation button on the outer panel of the earpiece makes operating the earbuds convenient.


The earbuds are designed to be the lightest and smallest to enhance the overall comfort. But are they comfortable in the true sense?

The three silicone tips help you provide a comfortable fit to enjoy the music. Also, a perfect fit is crucial so that they do not fall out as you walk, run, or workout. Thus, average size tips equipped with earbuds offer a comfortable and secure fit.


Jaybird Vista Control

The controls on the earbuds are quite limited. It does not have track skip, volume, and other usual control buttons. The only button you have on the earbuds activates the operation to use it from your phone.

The application will let you manage track control and volume functions.

What’s the advantage of fewer controls? With fewer controls, no users have to remember what each button is used for. This way, it offers the user to enjoy the musical experience even more.

Besides, the Jaybird application will help you set up the functions.

Build Quality

The earbuds are designed to be functional and uncluttered. Each earbud is made with rubberized plastic material, pleasant to touch and soft to the skin. Also, it is strong enough to do its function effectively.

The silicone gel ear tips and the fins make you feel comfortable the whole time as you wear them. So, it offers a secure fit while doing an intense workout. Even if it happens to fall out, the indestructible and crushproof quality will protect you from additional expenses.

Battery Life and Case

Jaybird Vista Case and USB C

With Jaybird Vista, you can enjoy six hours of constant playback and 75dB output on a single charge. Also, the quick five-minute charge support is incredible. You can charge the earbuds using a USB-C charging case to enjoy one-hour continuous playback sessions.

The case is compact and lightweight to carry around. Painted with yellow on the inside, the charging case has an indicator light to indicate when the earbuds are charging.

When fully charged, the earbuds provide about ten hours of battery life.


Connectivity is another vital feature of earbuds. With built-in Bluetooth 5.0, you will get a decent quality sound connection. Furthermore, it pairs well with mobile devices to attend calls.

The app helps you connect the earbuds via Bluetooth pairing. With voice instructions, you can set up the connectivity. Besides, you have the option to choose from six ringtones and customize EQ settings for music.

As you close the app, the pre-sets and other changes you made in the settings will be saved automatically.

Sound Quality

Given that earbuds come with small 6mm drivers, you can still listen to a full warm and soothing sound. It offers a 20 Hz – 20kHz frequency response. You can adjust the EQ and enjoy the sound you would prefer.

Lows, Highs, and Mids

The highs and mids emphasis are well-represented, and you can set up the sound in a certain manner. Also, the earbuds do not offer a heavy bass presence as required in most athletic earbuds.

The earbuds provide excellent stereo imaging. That means it fills your ear with initial drum moves and additional audio details.

You can create a unique sound profile to tailor frequencies for different songs. Besides, it also offers pre-made options for boosting the mass, warmer mids, or remove high-frequency sounds.

Noise Isolation

The firm fit of the earbuds provides excellent sound isolation, and it can efficiently hold the audio details even at the maximum volume.

The wireless earbuds, when connected with Bluetooth, results in audio compression. But, Jaybird Vista offers connectivity in each earbud rather than connecting the earbuds to one another.

So, you can independently use right or left earbuds when you want to listen to surrounding voices as well.

Selling Points

Meets MIL-SPEC STD810G Standard

MIL-SPEC STD810G standard defines the durability and longevity of a piece of technology. In specific terms, the equipment has passed through rigorous testing against humidity, gunfire shock, cold, heat, and vibration.

The Jaybird Vista earbuds meet MIL-SPEC STD810G standard, meaning it is weatherproof, shockproof, crushproof, and even sweatproof.

Full control via Jaybird App

Jaybird app is available for iOS and Android devices that enable you to customize everything from controlling hardware buttons, assigning tasks to manage EQ settings.

The app has all the beneficial control buttons such as pause and plays shortcuts to use the earbuds with ease and convenience. Furthermore, you can even locate the earbuds if they go missing using the Find My Buds option.

Pros and Cons


  • Standard USB-C Charging case
  • IPX7
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Comfortable fit
  • Find My Buds feature to tracks the wireless earbuds via the app
  • 6 hours battery life and addition ten hours with the case


  • Average call quality

Final Verdict

Jaybird Vista has surpassed the previously launched wireless earbuds in delivering exceptional sound with a high-speed Bluetooth connection. Along with powerful audio, the build is waterproof, and it serves a longer battery life.

With astonishing features, you get a combination of lightweight and elegant designs in an earbud. The independent usage and accessibility via phone offer effortless and smooth functioning.

The earbuds are best suited for athletes who prefer to be conscious of their environment while doing workouts or running. No other wireless earbuds offer you a perfect balance of noise isolation with awareness of the surroundings.

If the budget doesn’t restrict you, Jaybird Vista is worth a purchase to enjoy long hours of musical sessions. Its indestructible build quality is unparalleled and isn’t available in the most expensive earbuds available in the market.

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