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Kindle Oasis

Reading is an addiction, and people who are addicted to it know what an amazing high it brings to you. Gone are the days when reading was only confined to thick books and newspapers. With the advent of technology in almost every domain of our life, reading also impacts the same.

Now you can find paperback books as well as e-books. People who have a fondness for the feel of a book in their hand while they indulge in the story are still not very impressed by the idea of e-books. But there is a small category of people who have taken up e-reading as a new thing and changed the way they read.

Several gadgets allow you to do that. Your laptop, tablet, and smartphone. But they are not exclusively meant for reading purposes. Kindle is one such device that gives you this exclusivity. Kindle has been in the market for a while now and has developed a separate fan base.

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What is Kindle Oasis?

Kindle Oasis is a highly popular e-book reader brought to you by the e-commerce giant Amazon. The Kindle Oasis is one of the newest editions to the Kindle family. This is a device specifically designed for bookworms. It allows you to carry a huge library of books wherever you go.

This lightweight and handy device takes no space in your luggage and can be easily slipped in your carry-on. The only allows the reader to get the immersive reading experience without any distraction.

A lot of people question how a Kindle is different from an iPad or any other tablet. An iPad is not meant specifically for reading. It allows you to access the internet just like your smartphone or computer. It is loaded with distractions. With a Kindle, on the other hand, you can only use the browser to access the Amazon store or library to browse books.

The Kindle Oasis is the most advanced model of Kindle so far manufactured. It’s a wonderful reading experience for the user, and it is indeed a purchase that a book lover inside you will never regret.

Display and Design

Kindle Oasis Design

The first thing that anyone notices in an electronic gadget are its design and the display it offers. The design is what catches the attention of the buyer and appeals to you. In this case, the Kindle Oasis gets a check plus. It has an amazing design and display that will attract even a non-reader to make the purchase.


Kindle Oasis is a pretty lightweight device that comes with great sturdiness and durability. It has an IPX8 rating with a 10th generation processor. It is only about 0.4 pounds in weight, making it a negligible piece of carry-on.

It has a variable width on the two halves at the back. One side is only about 3.4mm, while the other has a depth that increases the width to 8.3mm. The purpose of this variable thickness is to allow the reader to hold the Kindle comfortably while they are enjoying their favorite book.

It has a 7-inch screen, which is the widest amongst all the existing Kindle models on Amazon. There is a broad panel on the right-hand side of the device containing two capsule-shaped buttons. These buttons have been added to ease the user’s way of turning the page. Even the one-touch page change is still available, but with the new button system, all you have to do is move your thumb a bit, and you can flip over.

Another amazing feature added by the manufacturer is the increased waterproof capacity. The new Kindle Oasis can withstand a maximum immersion of up to 2 meters in a freshwater body for around 60 minutes. So, you can enjoy an amazing reading experience by the beach or the poolside, or even in the bathtub without worrying about spoiling the device.


In addition to the screen size improvement, the display has also been improved to provide a better reading experience. The new Kindle Oasis has a 300 PPI display, as claimed by the manufacturer. This provides a laser-quality display to the device.

Another screen setting called the warm light has been introduced. As the name suggests, it allows you to go to warmer screen settings by making the color of the screen or page a bit yellower by increasing the warmth intensity. This allows you to get a real feel of the pages of the book and also reduces the strain on your eyes, which is generally created by the use of electronic devices.

The 300 PPI display is complemented by the E ink Carta and a built-in light with 25 LEDs working in unison. This is a massive improvement on the Kindle paperwhite that had a 6-inch display screen with 300 PPI powered by only 5 LEDs.

It can connect with the Wi-Fi and the 4G network so that you have access to the internet throughout your journey. With a storage capacity of 8 and 32 GB, the Kindle Oasis is a walking library for those who love reading books all day long.

Performance and Battery Life

Kindle Oasis Waterproof

Despite an increase in the screen’s width, the comfort of using this Kindle has not reduced. It can be held in any hand with ease without causing a strain to your palm or fingers. The 5mm additional thickness on the backside has been made to hold the device with your dominant hand.

Only when you push the power button will the Kindle Oasis wake up and show you your latest reads. Otherwise, you can tap on the screen as much as you want; it won’t make a change. When you open a book on the device, all you will see is the page of the book and the page number underneath. You can click on the top left corner it will drop down the entire menu bar.

You can change the backlight settings, the warm light settings, and the font size using the menu bar. It also allows you to highlight some interesting or inspiring words from the book like you would have done with a pencil on an actual book. You can access these highlights as a separate book under “clippings” in the library. It has an elaborate inbuild dictionary that provides the meanings and synonyms for all the words in the text.

Battery life

The battery life of the Kindle Oasis is truly remarkable. With one charge, you get a mileage of 1-3 weeks at a stretch. Also, the battery does not take a lot of time to charge. In under 20 minutes of charging, you can give yourself a week-long reading time. The battery usage will vary depending on the brightness settings. But otherwise, there is no disappointment in this sector.

Price and other features

Being an Amazon product, you get complete access to a vast amazon e-library and store. You can buy and download books with so much ease. Even if you are not interested in the purchase and want to enjoy the lending system offered in a library, you can subscribe to the Kindle Unlimited membership.

This membership gives you access to the entire online library created by Amazon at a small amount. You can gain access to their amazing range of books, download them, and read them whenever you want. Once you have thoroughly enjoyed the read, you can remove it from memory and create more space for new books.

Coming to the price of this device, one can find it a bit on the luxurious end. It is pretty heavy on the pocket and not meant for those looking for a budget purchase. You can get the 8GB model at $249 and the 32 GB model at $279. This is quite the price you pay in comparison to the older Kindle models.

However, for the range of features and display settings you get with this device, the price might not appear that big a deal to you.

Should you buy the Kindle Oasis?

Kindle Oasis Close up

If you plan to switch to the e-reading experience, then Kindle Oasis is a great way to start with. Its advanced features and a great selection of books will make the transition easier. You will enjoy the immersive reading experience in the same way you enjoy it with an actual book.

Though the price can be a bit of trouble for a few, take it as an investment. This one-time investment saves you a lot more money you spend on books in the future. Kindle books are set at a lower price, and you can save a lot on your future purchases.

Pros and Cons


  • Warm lighting
  • Waterproof
  • Elegant and charming design
  • Fast content library


  • No USB type C
  • It does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi

Final Verdict

The Kindle Oasis can be a big commitment seeing the price of the device. But the amazing features and user ease it has got to offer are excellent. If you keep pragmatic and futuristic thinking, you will actually be saving a lot more in the future with this one-time purchase.

The Kindle oasis is a new and revolutionized way of reading, and you must make it a part of your reading experience.

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