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Sonos Beam

Whether it’s a weekend celebration with friends or movie marathons, it is incomplete without an epic sound system. Thanks to Sonos Beam, accessing a quality sound system has become so effortless. The Sonos Beam sets pretty high standards for the upcoming devices.

Easy to install, top-notch sound quality, this device has got everything you can think or want. It also has some remarkable additions to its spec sheet that will widen your eyes. Sonos Beam has taken the marketplace by storm, but does it truly stand to all that hype?

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The Brand & Product

As a leading name in the audio sector, Sonos is famous for offering a robust lineup of high-quality soundbars. Thanks to its extraordinary combination of functionality, quality, and usability, Sonos is one of the top choices.

The Sonos Beam soundbar happens to be one of the bestselling models of the brand. We are highly impressed with its features and aesthetics. It was also one of the initial third-party brands to support Amazon Alexa’s voice assistant.

This compact speaker will practically fit anywhere. Plus, the structure allows the user to mount the soundbar as well. The brand also includes multi-room audio technology, which is user-friendly.

With the Sonos Beam, you can enjoy movies, streaming music, play video games, listen to audiobooks and podcasts. Since it has in-built Alexa, the device also allows you to set alarms, check the news, and do many more things.


  • The dimensions are 650 x 100 x 68.5 mm
  • Includes HDMI ARC
  • Apple Airplay 2 support
  • Sonos S2 app compatibility
  • Google/Amazon Alexa Assistant
  • Full HD video recording
  • Weighs 6.2 pounds

What’s In the Box?

  • A quick start guide
  • Sonos Beam soundbar
  • HDMI cable
  • Power cord
  • Optical audio adapter


Sonos Beam Button

You can’t possibly understand the product without exploring its features, can you? That’s why we’ve rounded up all the features that make Sonos Beam the ultimate soundbar. You can check out these features and determine if these features are precisely what you are seeking.

Connectivity Choices

The Sonos Beam is a 3-channel soundbar that is a well-connected device at this price point. It includes an excellent multi-room digital audio technology that allows it to sync to other Sonos products.

So, if you own a Sonos One, Sonos Playbar, Sonos Play:5 speakers, the Sonos Beam can communicate with them through WiFi. This feature makes it a lot less complicated when it comes to operating the device. The Beam acts as a hub to connect all other Sonos devices.

Unlike the Playbase and Playbar, Sonos Beam comes with HDMI connectivity. With HDMI connectivity, it becomes easier for users to connect the soundbar with their smart TVs. Even if you own a Playbase, the stable optical connection will work great.

One thing that lacks in terms of connectivity is the e-ARC support. But, since the device gave a miss to the Atmos support, it doesn’t matter much. Sonos also doesn’t venture into the realms of Bluetooth connectivity for this device.

Additionally, there’s Apple Airplay 2, which introduces Siri voice control support in the Sonos Beam. We don’t think that the device will disappoint you with connectivity options.

Voice Control

The Sonos Beam’s stand-out upgrade is the integration of the Alexa voice assistant. Besides looking up information and setting timers, Alexa can also operate your smart TV. If you have the Amazon Fire Stick plugged in, you can do much more than just volume and power.

Alexa will allow the Sonos Beam to control the fire stick too. You can utilize the voice control to drop in demands to watch your favorite shows. Interestingly, Sonos is the first-ever soundbar to include Google, Alexa, and the Apple Siri.

With Siri voice assistant, you can play your favorite tunes from Apple music. Having a platform-agnostic approach, the Sonos Beam can reach and attract a broader mass. Most of the tricks and treats in the Sonos Beam is similar to other speakers from the brand.

More Features

This device has got a lot more to offer than just connectivity choices and voice control. It also has some extra set of useful features.

Pairs with an Existing TV Remote

Many people think that a new soundbar means that you have to invest in a new TV remote. With the Sonos Beam, that isn’t happening. The best part of buying a Sonos Beam is that you can pair it up with your existing TV remote.

Once you sync the remote and the Sonos Beam, you can control volume and mute your TV sound most simply. You don’t have to keep opening the Sonos App to change the volume or mute the audio.

Expands Up To 5.1 Surround Sound

What’s the feature that deserves full marks? It is most definitely the outstanding sound quality. The Sonos Beam operates similarly to the Playbase and Playbar. You can pair the device wirelessly with the Sub or a set of rear speakers for experiencing a 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound.

Adding a Sub or a speaker to the system is a pain-free process. The 5.1 surround sound deliver crystal clear audio. If you are planning to expand to 5.1 surround sound, get ready to experience the best quality.

Effortlessly Integrates Other Smart Home Devices

The integration with IFTTT allows the Sonos Beam to connect with the rest of your smart home gadgets. With Sonos, your home audio system will not be only limited to playing music. This feature lets users do some impressive tricks with the device.

For example, you can set commands like:

  • “Play my favorite music when my food is out for delivery,”
  • “Start Sonos when I reach home.”
  • “Pause the sound when I take a phone call.”


Sonos Beam Close up

Like most modern soundbars, the Sonos Beam also has a compact and sleek structure. This soundbar can easily sneak under the TV. We love the low-key design, which stays discreet, no matter where you put it. Besides, the white and black color variants are a nice touch.

The Sonos Beam soundbar also offers weight efficiency. The Sonos Beam’s design is similar to the Sonos Playbar, Sonos Play 5, and Sonos One. Though the other Sonos soundbars have a metal grille, this one has a fabric that covers the opening.

On the top of the soundbar, you’ll find capacitive touch controls. There are buttons for play/pause, next, previous, mic mute, and volume up/down. Sonos Beam also has an LED light that displays the status of the device and voice feedback.

At the back of the device, you can spot different buttons and ports. It has an ethernet port, pairing button, HDMI connection, and power. Overall, the design packs everything that you’d expect from a Sonos product.


The Sonos Beam will be a drastic update to your existing TV sound. This compact soundbar rivals more expensive and large device. Whether you are listening to music, checking out the news, or watching movies, the sound comes with utmost clarity.

The experience was spot-on when you listen to music with the Sonos Beam. Whether it’s rock or classical, the balance is commendable. The lows and the details do not subdue each other, which is ideal.

You can expect the right punch from the bass. It gives low frequencies a rumbling depth, even in the absence of a sub. There’s no need to get add-ons for achieving a good sound quality.

Being a small soundbar, the Sonos is not extremely loud. However, the sound is powerful enough to move a medium-sized room. For more sound and bass, you can pair it with other Sonos products.

Sonos Beam is always going to deliver satisfaction, no matter what content you play. Despite lacking Dolby Atmos, it surprisingly performs excellently. If you are looking for a premium product on a dinky budget, the Sonos Beam can be the right one for you.

Sound Quality

Overall, Sonos Beam offers a mediocre yet satisfactory sound quality. Being a cheaper soundbar compares to other Sonos products, it has setbacks in terms of quality. We noticed that despite its small size, the device propels outstanding digital audio.

It is way better than what you expect. The highs and lows are always balanced while you are watching movies or listening to groovy tunes. The content and dialogue delivery are crisp. Without using a subwoofer, the sound was booming and deep.

In case you find the bottom end to be overwhelming, you can switch off the loudness feature. The TruePlay is a software function that successfully calibrates the surrounding sound. However, this feature is a bummer for Android users because it works with iOS only.

Because it lacks surround sound technology, it may not satisfy cinephiles and audiophiles looking for an immersive experience. But, this does not mean that the Sonos isn’t a valuable investment.

A soundbar with these features and quality will carry a much more expensive price tag. After looking at the sound quality, we can safely assume that Sonos Beam is a killer device.

Installing the Sonos Beam

Sonos Beam On Desk

Setting up soundbars is a painstaking process for many people. However, with the Sonos Beam, installation is going to be the least of your concerns. To get started, you can use the Sonos app. You also need to create an account in the app to operate the device.

If you use the HDMI ARC port, it will automatically detect your settings and model. For TVs that do not accept HDMI ARC, you have to use the optical adaptor. When connecting with the optical adapter, you’ve to go the extra mile to change a few things in the Sonos app.

Alternatively, you can also set up the device by pairing the Sonos Beam with your existing remote. Also, to enable Alexa, it is mandatory to sign in with an Amazon account.

The app is the cream of the crop. It has features like speech enhancement, night sound, EQ control option, and bass and treble slider. All in all, you don’t need to be a tech genius to set up the Sonos Beam.

Pros and Cons

There is no single soundbar in the market that is flawless. The same is with this Sonos Beam. Though the Sonos Beam has a couple of drawbacks, they are not a fly in the ointment. Regardless of the cons of the product, it continues to offer a thrilling sound experience.

We do not doubt that the brand has packed some serious features in the Sonos Beam. You can check out all the pros and cons of the Sonos Beam below.


  • The 6-year warranty period is a significant incentive
  • Sonos Beam has a vast soundstage
  • This device is compatible with Alexa
  • The room correction feature is a significant enhancement in the Sonos Beam
  • Its compact sizing makes it easy to place


  • Require a separate subwoofer for additional bass.
  • It lacks auxiliary input
  • This soundbar does not have Bluetooth

Final Verdict

We are pleased to say that the Sonos Beam aces all the top-notch features just the way you’d expected. With so many extraordinary features, this product is ahead of the curve.

The soundbar has a lot going for it. Features like compact sizing, voice control, and connectivity choices are a huge plus point. If you are looking for a quality centerpiece for your home theatre, this product is a perfect fit.

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