Kindle Paperwhite vs. Kindle Oasis

Kindle Paperwhite on white table

With e-books slowly becoming the norm, reading tablets have begun replacing books. In the classroom, in the house, you name it. Amazon’s latest addition to their line of Kindle book readers is the Kindle Oasis. Boasting a hefty price tag of $249.99, is it worth buying when compared to the re-released Kindle Paperwhite? That’s what …

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Amazon Echo Show 5 vs. Echo Show 8

Amazon Echo Show 8 and. Echo Show 5 on wooden table

With Amazon showcasing their latest hardware in 2021, the newest Amazon Echo devices offer a lot more upgrades than their predecessors. The ultimate in home assistance hardware, the Echo Show collection features something for everyone. The Echo Show 5 is listed at $84.99, while the Echo Show 8 is listed at a premium of $129.99. …

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Echo Sub Vs. Echo Studio

Illustration of Echo Sub Vs. Echo Studio

Amazon has a wide array of Echo speakers that suits various price ranges and offers numerous different features. It varies from a compact speaker to place by your bedside to a large full music experience speaker. There is something for everybody. Amazon’s new Echo speaker has an impressive design and excellent features. Echo Sub offers …

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Kindle Oasis Review

Black Kindle Oasis on wooden surface

Reading is an addiction, and people who are addicted to it know what an amazing high it brings to you. Gone are the days when reading was only confined to thick books and newspapers. With the advent of technology in almost every domain of our life, reading also impacts the same. Now you can find …

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Kindle Paperwhite Review

Kindle Paperwhite

If you are an avid e-book fan, the first thing that you might want to consider to enhance your experience is to shop for the best e-book reader anywhere online. It can be daunting to do since there are a variety of devices to choose from. One of the popular gadgets that catch our interest …

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Echo Dot 2nd Generation Review

Echo Dot 2nd Generation

If you are one of the fans of the innovative technology today, maybe you’ll find that adding a digital voice assistant to your home is a must-have. Not only that it is the perfect match to nowadays modern homes, but it also a helpful tool that will make your life easier. Since shopping for an …

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