Can Website Owners See Who Visits?

Google on browser

With technology becoming more and more complex each day, it has become hard for users to keep track of all of the different ways their data could be tracked, and it has become even harder for them to stay updated on the best ways to stop this data/privacy from being breached. Think about it. How …

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Are Gaming Laptops Worth It?

Black razer laptop on wooden desk

Gaming laptops are high-end laptops designed to run any GPU-intensive software or app. These laptops mostly come with high-resolution screens, high RAM, and a dedicated GPU. Making them not only great for CPU-intensive work but also for performing regular tasks. Gaming laptops are versatile. They give you a pretty decent gaming experience and the functionality …

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Is Audible Worth It? Here’s What We Think

White headphone near white smartphone

While listening to audiobooks sounds like cheating to many, it is a pretty good way to gain insight from books passively. Sure, it kills the charm of reading books traditionally- sitting on your bed wrapped in a blanket burrito, but I think we all can agree that it’s better than not reading at all. Today, …

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IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) Explained

Close up of black remote tv

In today’s age, there are more ways to consume content than most people can keep track of. It seems like companies are coming up with new technologies and, of course, abbreviations that nobody knows the meaning of every other day. This can get really frustrating really quickly, but don’t worry- as always, we’ve got your …

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Is a Kindle Worth It? 16 Things to Know

Close up of black kindle

Kindle is great. You can store as many books in them as you can possibly read, and they won’t take up any additional space in your bag. For this reason alone, Kindle seems like they’re pretty much worth every penny they would cost you. That is until you realize you can do everything a Kindle …

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Types of Ethernet Cables

Blue lan cable plugged in

Ethernet cables are alternatives to Wi-Fi. They connect your computer device to a Wi-Fi router with a physical, wire-based connection to offer you a faster and stabler connection compared to a wireless internet connection. Even as we move towards an age of wireless, many people out there are happy to give up the perks of …

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Why Is My Ethernet Slower Than WiFi?

White LAN cable on black background

Ethernet cables take away the freedom of Wi-Fi to give your device a stronger and stabler connection to the internet. And even though we live in the age of wireless, you may be surprised how many people are willing to give up this freedom to get better internet signals. Sometimes, though, due to reasons we …

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Can Ethernet Cables Go Bad?

Yellow ethernet cable on blue surface

Ethernet cables are like nerves. They carry data from one device to another and are mainly used to gain a wire-based Wi-Fi connection to laptops/PCs through Wi-Fi routers. While these cables restrict you to a small radius around your Wi-Fi router, they are pretty effective in improving the speed and stability of your internet connection- …

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Internet Censorship Pros and Cons

Man using google on laptop

Do you think the internet should be censored? On the one hand, we have people who argue that no one holds the right to restrict anyone’s right to speech and self-expression; people should be allowed to say what they want on the internet without any self-righteous body of people deciding what people can and can …

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Can the WiFi Owner See What I’m Browsing?

Sign of wifi on bus

As the technology around us keeps progressing, and as more and more of our sensitive data shifts online, it is becoming increasingly difficult – even for those who know their technology well – to make sure that their data doesn’t get tracked by third parties without their consent. It feels like new threats to privacy …

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Is DuckDuckGo Safe? What You Need to Know

DuckDuckGo on white table

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that prioritizes its user’s privacy and data security over personalized ads and search results. DuckDuckGo sets itself apart from Google and other mainstream search engines by keeping no track of its users’ search history, pattern, and other analytics. This allows DuckDuckGo to break free from the downsides of its rivals, …

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What Is ISP Tracking? Everything You Need to Know

Red internet sign

As our technology becomes increasingly complex, and as more and more of our data is available online, it can be difficult – for the average individual – to know what parties can access your data, what parties currently store your data, what the potential harm might be of people misusing your data, and how you …

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